Is Australia a better place to live than US or UK?


  • Good weather
  • Outdoorlifestyle
  • Friendly people
  • Relatively wealthy
  • Not especially violent
  • Relatively low crime
  • Great beaches


  • Extremely remote
  • Sparsely populated
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Limited access to historical buildings (this is probably just a problem for me)
  • Spiders
  • Great distances between places
  • Spiders
  • Sharks
  • Blue octopus
  • Stingers
  • Dingoes
  • Spiders

I prefer it, and not just because I come from Australia. Look at the mess the world is in at the moment, and it's comforting to think that it's all happening on the other side of the world. But even apart from that, it's a good place to live. Of course, apart from that the USA and UK aren't too bad either, though the standard of living is better here (Standard of Living by Country. List of countries by Human Development Index - Wikipedia).

Australia is a good place to live after you retire. The society is not promoting the spirit of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Property market is the best place to make money instead. A lot like China in some way. Plumber and brick layer have higher earnings than most professionals. Currently the national debt level is at record high and the government has not found any alternative path for the economy to prosper again after the resource boom. Plenty of stupid public policies in place cannot be abolished due to powerful vested interests no matter who is in government. It is not a good place to be if you are a young person trying to make something out of life.

In the UK we have precisely one venomous snake. The Adder. You have to go a long way out of your way to find one and only stand a chance of getting bitten by it if you stand on one.

And if you are bitten, an adder bite is generally less serious than a bee sting.

The last death from an adder bite in the UK was in 1975.

In Australia, even some of the mammals are venomous.

Venomous mammals FFS!

(Though, to be fair, you'd have to be very unlucky to be stung by one - and no one has ever died from it.)

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