Is Australia a safe place to live with kids?

Yes, it is safe. Probably safer than where you live now.

Australia has a very low crime rate compared to most countries. Violent crimes, rape, abductions and murder are rare. Guns are tightly controlled and terrorism, while still a concern, hasn't really happened except for a couple of disturbed individuals. I'm not saying bad things don't happen, but on most days nothing more shocking than a car crash or a house fire is the lead news story of the day.

Deaths and serious injury from accidents are also very low - a product of the "nanny state" always trying to stop us doing something stupid, but it makes our workplaces, schools and public and private spaces very safe (technically you need an electrician to change a light bulb so people don't accidentally electrocute themselves - although this is not enforced or adhered to by anybody).

Health care and medicine is either free or at least heavily subsidised for citizens and permanent residents. So, if you do have an accident, you can get the care and rehabilitation you need.

Yes, Australia has some of the most poisonous snakes and spiders, but we don't have bears, wolves, lions, tigers or any other large predators (except for sharks, but shark attacks are rare). Yes, kangaroos and other wild life can severely injury you if you get too close - but so can a goat. Just watch out for animals wherever you are.

Not only is Australia a safe place to live, Australain society encourages playing sport, outdoor activities, and a healthy lifestyle. It has an (almost) cost free and progressive education system that is consistently ranked better than the USA or UK. The government also provides support payments and/ or tax benefits to parents of school age children.

Australia is an urban, multicultural and prosperous country. It's not without it's problems, but what country doesn't have problems?

If you're looking for a place to raise kids, Australia should be high on your list.

Yes. Australia is as safe as any developed country. However, if you are considering moving your family here there are two things that you can do to make your kids even safer:

Make sure that they know how to swim, and that they understand sensible safety rules for the beach and the swimming pool. Surf Life Saving NSW , Keep Watch Home Pool Safety

Teach them to respect wildlife. Basic awareness of spiders, jellyfish and such will reduce the chances that a child will get bitten or stung. The chances that they will be hurt are low to start with, but you can improve the odds even further with a bit of education. How to avoid and treat Australia's deadliest bites

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