Is Avengers 4 the last Avengers movie?

It is the last confirmed Avengers film. Given the success of the MCU, it is certain to continue, and another big team up will happen. It will probably be a quite different set of Avengers to the ones we saw in first two.

If they want to go back to six core Avengers, it might include Spider Man, Captain Marvel, Dr Strange, Black Panther, and Ant-Man and/or Wasp. A Black Widow film is in the works. This is set to be a prequel, so there is no guarantee she survives Avengers 4, but if she does she will probably still be an Avenger.

No; this is not a last movie of avengers but for some heroes like Captain America and might be Tony it can be last. After this marvel will work for new superheros. Already marvel is working for marvel future fight as per sources.

What movies should I watch over and over again?

The one movie I would want to see over and over again would be, in my opinion, the greatest Indian movie ever made - Sholay (1975)To give you some context - I was born in 1977 in middle class India. My father was

How many movies has Jackie Chan made so far?

If by "made" you mean directed, then Jackie Chain has directed 15 movies till now. The fearless hyena (1979)The young master (1980)Dragon strike (1982)Project A (1983)Police story (1985)Armour of God (1986)The brothers (1987)Project A2 (1987)Police story 2 (1988)Miracles- Mr Canton and Lady Rose (1989)Armour of God 2 (1991)Crime story (1993)*Who am

Did ancient/medieval Indians know map making?

Yes, they had a pretty good idea out map making, thats how they were bale to mark the boundaries.Lets travel back in time, lets say 2000 years.Now we are in the period where India was full of dynasties of kings and queens, they used to fight every now and then.They used to