Is Berlin a nice city to live in?

Are you kidding me!
It's a great city to live in.
I've lived and worked in Wellington, Christchurch, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Boston, San Francisco, Hamburg, Berlin, Riyadh, and Dammam.
Berlin is cheap!
I live in a very quiet penthouse one kilometre from the Reichstag.
I pay just over €10 per square metre including heating.
Berlin has possibly the cheapest most reliable public transport in the world!
From my apartment I can travel at most one hour to nearly every part of the city. I pay about €70 per month for total access to public transport. It's one of my great pleasures to wander around the city without ever thinking about the next step. You can almost always find a bus or a train or a tram within 100 metres, and going within ten minutes.
Berlin is safe!
It's a city of four million but theft is very low. I see women walking home alone at nearly any time throughout the city.
Berlin communication is clear and direct!
If someone hates you they will tell you. In England you may never hear it from your co-worker. You just feeeeeeeel it.
Locals talk Berliner Schnauze (directness), but I've never heard it.
Berlin is the thriving cool heart of Europe; the whole world is flocking here and yes driving up the prices.
I guess you can't have everything!
For me London and Riyadh were the most unpleasant, while Wellington and Berlin are tops, but the ultimate truth is this:
Believe where you are is the best, because it is!

I think it's a great city to live, one of the best cities to live in the world.

In the one aspect for which really no other city can beat her is for its nightlife. Seriously, nowhere else in the world come even close.

But Berlin is also a great city to live because of the many features that make the quality of life great here. I'll name those that strike me the most, because of how amazing they are, and also because of how scarce they are in other places in the world, such as the South American capital city I am from:

  1. Its parks. OMG, what a beautiful green city you are. Berlin has quite a few large parks, all of them with its uniqueness. The most typical are the Tiergarten, a huge jungle right in the middle of the city; Tempelholf, the famous former airport where people do kite skate; Mauerpark and its flea market; Görlitzer and the hipster crowd in its crane; or the Soviet Memorial at Treptower Park. Those are just a few!!

    But not only big parks, but Berlin is also flooded with green areas, in every corner, in every piece of town. A pedestrian path, small square, an unlikely garden anywhere in the city, there is always a bit of nature.

    And this parks and gardens are all connected to- or connected by beautiful canals, with ducks, swans, people on boats, all them eyed by the people having a beer or reading a book at its border. It's so beautiful! My favorite view, however, is the Spree. I mean, how many wonderful perfect-instagram-picture have people taken there? With the TV Tower at Alexander Platz, the Oberbabaumbrücke, or the Molecule Men pictured, with the most beautiful sunset colors you can imagine in the back.

    So the parks, the green, and the canals should be enough to convince anyone, but actually.....the best manifestation of Nature in Berlin is none of them, but all the scenic lakes that surround the city on any direction. My favorite? Krumme Lanke.

    The best is the Berlin culture around them. Wait until some sun shows up, people here won't hesitate to go somewhere green.
  2. Biking. Berliners and German find the car drivers to be disrespectful towards bicycles and in general think the city is dangerous to drive your bike. Well.....I just laugh to my self when I heard this. I come from South America! Berlin is wonderful!!! Ok, I don't know how it is in Heidelberg or Bonn, but here it's fine! I mean....much more than fine; it's AWESOME. Bike lanes are demarcated over most of the city, and the city is beautiful to bike around. It's absolutely and ridiculously flat (I come from a mountain city, so imagine how much I value this).

    In Berlin everybody bikes, like everyone. The people that don't drive their bikes are the outsiders, I'd say. Go to a club and you'll see hundreds of bikes parking outside.It's so easy to move, which brings me to the last of things that make me go crazy about this city, the:
  3. Public transportation. The most important means to move around are the Ubahn (urban train, like a Metro) and the Sbahn (also train, but more similar to trains that move inter cities, though it also works to move around Berlin, especially among distant points). They may not be the most modern train systems in the world, but sure they work as well as them, and they are for far the most romantic!!! I mean, some Ubahn stations are like architecture museums, say Hermannplatz or Nollendorfplatz. In all of them, I feel like I'm in a suspense and thriller book.

    The Sbahn trip, however, is my favorite. Riding the ring with the morning or sunrise sun just lifts my heart. Ok, I'm a train freak! Then Imagine how I feel for a city that provides me the opportunity to ride a train on a daily basis! Well, there is a son about it =)

    But even if you are not lucky enough to live next to a ubahn/sbahn, don't worry, it's fine! I myself live in an area that, although is pretty central (Alt-Treptow), is not served by ubahn, and the only sbahn station is far from my WG. It's ok! The city is served by buses on which schedule you can rely without hesitation! And they can take you to a ubahn station pretty fast ;)

    Well, these are just some of the few things that make me love Berlin, and also to think that this is one of the best places to live in the world, and therefor, a great city to live in =)

I've had a lot of time since I moved to Berlin, but I'm still sure: this is the best thing that happened in my life until now. Of course, I did not experience a lack of events, trips and adventures, even being in Belarus, but still moving to another country is a truly unique experience.

Berlin is one of the best destinations in the world for tourists, businesses and its lucky natives.

When you visit for the first time, you can't help but be blown away by the vibrant city's delights.

To get more people to recognise just how amazing Berlin is, we've showcased 31 reasons to live there at least once in your lifetime...

1. The incredible Holocaust Memorial

Wandering around this vast memorial, with its labyrinthine paths, it's impossible to ignore the weight of history behind it.

Depends. If you're lucky enough to find an affordable place to live in, it's great. The quality of living is certainly high, you find anything from sub to high culture and for expats it's increasingly easier to get by because English is quickly becoming the default language in some settings.

Enter the flip side: The city's popularity has massively driven rents and house prices, pushing long time residents out of their districts and generally accelerating gentrification. I for my part hope to be able to stay at my place a long as possible as I'm shocked every time I check house prices and rent levels - moving to or within Berlin these days can be a daunting task.

All in all, if you got the right amount of cash on you, and don't mind witnessing the more worrisome effects of globalisation, chances are you'll be very happy here.

Its horrible, let me tell you, I'm a German living in Munich. People are unfriendly in Berlin, the city is dirty and there are far too many foreigners. I mean, who wants to eat Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish and got knows what strange food every day. I want my "Scheinshaxen". The city is noisy, on weekends younsters party till 4 o'clock in the morning. Its a shame they don't shut down the public transport at night to bar such behavior.

Now, you see, life is a bit different in Berlin from other places in Germany, but if you are young and enjoy city life its quite good. That is, pretended you have decently paying job as the economic hot spots are elsewhere in Germany.

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