Is Berlin still a safe place to live today (2017)?

I'm 26, not intimidating looking at all, lived here for over a year, been out plenty of nights to all parts of the night; I've never had an issue anywhere.

Be careful where you park your bike, they get stolen. That's about it.

With that being said, it's a major city. Like any major city anywhere, there's crime. I'm sure if you have really bad luck or put yourself in a position you shouldn't be in you may experience things you wouldn't consider to be safe

Berlin is as save as any huge city in the world. It is up to you where you go and if you look for un-save environments which exist everywhere in a certain degree, or if you keep yourself save by avoiding places where criminality is more likely than in others.

I moved to berlin to continue my study. It's been 4 months and nothing bad happened to me. Except seeing all the homeless people wanted to kill themself in the ubahn station. Twice. Saw old man died in front of me, because of some guys running towards him. got mocked for being an asian guy. My girlfriend also got harrased in some part of the city (not berliner i think).

And i also almost got robbed in the brandenburger tor. Berlin is not really a "very" safe place to live in. But if you want to take a walk at night in the park, it's fine i guess. Ive done that too.

I suggest you go take a walk in the side of spree river from the backyard of Berlin Hauptbahnhof. It's pretty peaceful.

Berlin is a pretty safe place unless you're an unattended bicycle without a good chain. There are some places to avoid such as Marzahn and Kopenick at night but during the day, there is very rarely any trouble.

In the evenings, some other parts are getting a bit nastier (especially around the east and south-east part of the city) but overall I think Berlin is much safer than London or Paris.

Oh, I wouldn't suggest walking through the parks when it's late or very dark. There may be drug users looking for an easy target to mug - but this is true in all cities now

It is pretty safe and easy to live in Berlin. Saying that it comes from a person who doesn't go out partying thus avoiding places with a high probability of an incident.

The one thing that's very common here is verbal abuse though. Berliners don't hold back any of their frustrations however petty, so you get shouted at for pretty much any reason when out and about. Berliner Schnauze they call it.

Yes, and in 2018 too. It is probably not quite as safe to be a foreigner ("auslander") in certain areas outside of the Ring-Bahn train network that encircles Berlin but even then violent crime towards strangers is rare.

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