Is Bollywood stupid?


Just finished watching ‘Humraaz' starring

  • Akshay Khanna as the heinous guy.
  • Bobby Deol, the stupid millionaire who is married to Amisha Patel and tries hard to act evil towards the end of the movie.
  • Amisha Patel, the girl who practiced ‘Kunwarapan' (oath of abstinence) on the wedding night(poor Bobby Deol ch ch ch).

I'll spare you the inconvenience of going through the whole story.

Let's just move on to the last few minutes of the movie.


Akshay Khanna is involved in a scuffle with Bobby Deol. Bobby Deol manages to ‘kill' Akshay Khanna by hanging him on a tree (with an iron chain ). But, the guy's not dead (HAHA in your face Bobby Deol)

Somehow, from nowhere Amisha Patel appears and shoots Akshay Khanna(finally killing him).

Now, the funny part arrives:

Akshay Khanna lies dead and our hero, heroine hug each other.

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