Is Cairo Egypt safe in 2017?

I am copy pasting this answer from Trip Advisor and it speaks about Egypt but that includes Cairo as well. the only place I won't recommend even for Egyptians is Northern Sinai. so here we go:

"In general, Egypt is a safe country to travel. Egyptians are very friendly - if you are in need of assistance they will generally try to help you as much as they are able, more than any one can imagine. For example, if you take a taxi from Cairo to Alexandria, you will be stopped at a checkpoint before leaving Cairo. They will ask where you are going, and communicate with the checkpoint at Alexandria to make sure you reach your destination within a certain time period. The same goes for most trips into the desert. There are also several checkpoints from Cairo to Sharm el Shiekh when traveling by coach. Military officials get on the coach and check passports to ensure safety for tourists and check the identity of anyone travelling to that region.

As for casual crime (muggings and robberies), Egypt is quite safe. As for pickpocketing, really the problem is probably no greater than it is in most Western cities. In Egypt the problem of cheating and scams when buying in tourist places, this is likely to be doubling the price but is still relatively cheap with the exchange rate being 12, the current is over 18:1, Egyptian pounds to 1 pound sterling...the tourist will find Egypt a bargain, hotel prices are extremely affordable and travellers can enjoy 5 star luxury at unrivalled prices . Hotel staff go out of their way to ensure your stay be a pleasant and memorable experience . Cairo has everything to offer and more. It is more exciting than a number of big cities and is surprisingly very pleasantly cosmopolitan.

You will find the security situation in Egypt (as in many countries) is frequently exaggerated by Western media outlets, creating a negative impressions that is somewhat amplified by the heavy-handed policies of Egyptian authorities in keeping tourists safe. The reality is that travelling in Egypt is probably more safe, than visiting most Western capitals!"

I hope this answers your question. if it does, please pay us a visit. we will always be happy to have you here in your second home... Egypt :)

link of the full article: Egypt: Safety in Egypt

As an American who just spent a few months there - December 2016 to March 2017, the answer is yes. It's very safe.

I used a mix of Uber, taxis, and public transportation to get around like busses, trains, and subways. I never felt unsafe.

To practice my Arabic, I would roam the streets, speaking to complete strangers from all walks of life. Egyptians love America and many American companies and products are found here from GAP to Victoria's Secret to Papa Johns Pizza - which I will show some examples.

I walked around at times with a military backpack and a US army shirt, without even a second look.

The only questions I got was by people looking at me funny because of my beard, asking me if I was part of the Muslim brotherhood or something. One guy I responded in a snarky manner by asking him if the Muslim brotherhood would be wearing ripped jeans. The fact is more people were scared of me than I was of them because of my beard.

As tourists, you're generally safe. The airport has at least 3 security checkpoints inside. There's even have checkpoints outside the airport once you enter by car with bomb sniffing dogs. There's an x-ray machine after ticketing, at the terminal, and at the gate.

The issue of terrorism is a politically motivated act to destabilize the government. They will attack police and Egyptian christian orthodox churches to incite revolt and protests.

I haven't heard of carbolic or Protestant churches being attacked and that is generally in my opinion because that's where most tourists and ex-pats attend. Their goal isn't international intervention or attention, which is why they stay clear of there.

Egypt is safe. In Cairo just as you would in NYC, you need to practice common sense.

Egypt has a powerful army and is granted by the US the title of "The best shot against terrorism in the middle east " , so like any country it depends on where you are present if your visiting Cairo then manage not to stay outside your house or hotel after 12 PM just let's talk about facts the chance of terrorists to attack Cairo after the massive money spent on Security cameras and on advance patrol is less than 2% and if it occurs it will be possibly on a church to cause chaos . Also they never got what they wanted as Profit Muhammed said that Egyptian citizens will be in cooperation until dooms day as he wanted to send Islam to Egypt (At that time Egypt was a Christian country ) as he meant that Muslims and Christians in Egypt will cooperate until the End of the world . So Egypt is the safest country in the middle east in mean time . Just consider terrorists like criminals talking about facts The people who died through out the last three years in Egypt in terrorist attacks are less than the people who died in New York in 2016 from criminal attacks . Also put in mind that Jihad is seen by the Egyptians (Muslim and Christians) as a shameful act against the country as Islam said a Muslim who kills another Muslim for no reason should be killed and Extremists in Egypt are seen as terrorists and Muslims in Egypt hate ISIS more than Christians because ISIS changed in some texts in the Quran and ruined Islam backed by media they became a threat , but terrorist attacks in Egypt are just like that in France they occur in Special events specially religous events for Christians just to cause hatred between Muslims and Christians , but they never ever will as Prophet Muhammed said . so , the final answer is yes Egypt is safe just avoid the same things you avoid doing in your country specially walking in dark streets at night , personally as an Egyptian Muslim if i saw someone attacking a tourist regardless of where he comes from or what are his beliefs i'l defend the tourist with my life because if a terrorist or a criminal attacks a tourist , #1 he will cause huge chaos and worries , #2 the country suffers from economical problems and tourists helps our country very much in improving it's economy . I hope my answer helped you . peace :) .

Well, I'll only mention some events that happened earlier in Egypt, you got the choice at the end.

  • A bomb was implanted in a touristic Russian plan that was taking off from Sharm Al-Sheik which is considered the most secure place in the whole Egypt since it's one of the most active touristic places there. That resulted in more than 200 tourists died in the accident.[1]
  • A Croatian man working in (guess where?) Cairo, was kidnapped and beheaded...[2]
  • A cathedral had a tough explosion in (guess where again?) Cairo, more than 25 died.[3] (Not to mention that cathedrals in Egypt are all guarded by police units)
  • In another weird story, eight Mexican tourists died while being in Egypt too. [6]

And every now and then, there happens explosions in Cairo and multiple other places in Egypt.

Concerning the famous visits, let's have a better look at them:

  • Lionel Messi's visit to Egypt, he was surrounded by 15 guarding units convoy.[4] (Did you mention safety?)
  • As a side news, weirdly enough an ex-minister and a well internationally known archaeologist called Messi a moron idiot during a call to a private TV station because he didn't show any reaction when he was listening to Egyptian history! [5] (LOL)

Places are not considered safe when a famous figure visits them and gets back unharmed, simply such figures are provided much more security than any usual citizen.

On the other side, Sinai peninsula is nearly under ISIS's control, everyday one or two army solider dies due to a bomb or an ambush. Did I mention that ISIS even made a military parade in Al Arish streets in Sinai a couple of weeks ago?

They are found to be using advanced military equipements (compared with their previous self made explosives) to make ambushes and attacks against military forces.[7]

Egypt was once one of my best touristic places ever, I had multiple vacancies there with a few friends. But now, I don't recommend visiting Egypt, at least for the next 1 or 2 years, until some serious security actions are met and applied.


[1] Russian plane crash in Sinai: All 224 on board killed

[2] Croatian ISIS captive reportedly beheaded

[3] Cairo cathedral blast: Mourners take to the streets

[4] Lionel Messi gets royal treatment as he is chauffeured around in 15-car fleet in Egypt

[5] Famous archaeologist denies claims he called Lionel Messi a 'moron' on pyramid tour

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Cairo is relatively safe. But like any other place in the world, you have to take appropriate precautions when here.

  1. Use the metro or Uber when out and about. Taxis are a huge no-no; as soon as they get a whiff of a foreigner, suddenly the ‘meter will stop working' and you'll be charged astronomical fees

    1.5. Microbuses are also a viable option since the fees are fixed for all passengers, but it would be difficult to navigate the city if you're not familiar with all the stops and routes. It's best to have a local with you if you're going to try this for the first time
  2. Take a reliable tour guide when visiting attractions so you don't get scammed
  3. Steer clear of food carts on the street selling any type of meat
  4. If you're going to exchange your currency, do it over time, not all at once

    Safe travels!

I have lived in Egypt since July of 2016 when I moved here to get married. I have never felt unsafe here. My parents recently visited, spending a month touring the country. They Loved it and never felt uncomfortable. I have found the Egyptian people to be incredibly kind and welcome. Don't fall victim to Western media bias - Egypt is an amazing country full of beauty and history.

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