Is Cambodia an imminent threat to Vietnam?

More like the opposite - Cambodia is definitely not a threat, imminent or long term to Vietnam. Vietnam, however, sound very, very like a threat to Cambodia as it currently is (don't mind me, a country is an it to me as well as a ship)

Vietnam (and Thailand for that matter) had a long history of dominating, subjugating, and even attempt sinonization throughout its period of existence (the last one though, is only applied to Vietnam).

The latest attempt is just as recent as a few decades ago just after the Khmer Rogue regime. The Cambodia was practically a protectorate of Vietnam until just recently.

The current Cambodia government are associating themselves with China - the Vietnamese archenemy. This couple with the fact that Vietnamese business and Vietnamese Cambodian are experienced an intense wave of hate by the current Cambodian populance, making it even more likely that the two countries will grow antigonistic in the future.

I sincerely wish that I am wrong on that - but from the look of it, I fear that I wouldn't have luck in that matter

Most likely no, she is not, assume Cambodia's economy continue to develop, which is NOT impossible.

The same can be said about Vietnam-China relationship. As long as the economic value of peace out weight the emotional value of war, the population, no matters if they are Cambodians, Vietnamese or, for western equivalent, Muslims, will be very rational and thus the greatest barriers against extremist.

Why are you leaving home?

I am writing this for the original question which

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