Is December a nice time to visit Spain?

Yes, December is the good time to visit in Spain, but its very low Season (November through February, except around the Christmas Holidays): Winter, other than Christmastime, is low season in Spain. The number of tourists is significant lower than other times of the year, plus you'll enjoy a wide variety of accommodation options along with lower rates. Most of the sights and attractions can be enjoyed at a more relaxing pace, and while the weather can be a bit chilly, it rarely gets below freezing, and often the sun is shining.

What would happen if the UK didn't exist?

If the UK (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) ceased to exist, the states that comprise it: England, Scotland, Wales, and Ulster, would become sovereign nations. All of these already have elected representative assemblies and would quickly take up independence. Scotland is farthest down that road, but they

Have you ever moved because you had a crazy neighbor?

No, but I've had crazy neighbors evicted and have lived satisfied and content until the next crazy neighbors moved in.

What's the longest you've gone without working?

Currently, closing in on 17 years. When I was in my early 30's I began to make financial plans. I had worked since I was 10 years old, then delivering a weekly classified ad newspaper for about $2.00 a week. I learned early that work was necessary, but that working sucked.So,