Is Dubai a good place to live with family?

If you don't mind spending summers indoors then yes. There are plenty of activities for kids and adults. It's family friendly city but it goes down to your lifestyle. Are you a city person or a more laid back town kinda family.


  • Safe. You can't beat that!
  • Lots of outdoor activities during winter (non-summer seasons) free and paid.
  • Indoor activities during summer.
  • Good schools.
  • Affordable nannies and maids. Live in or hourly.
  • No income tax. Which means more money to spend on family holidays.
  • Great transportation options; taxis, Uber, careem (region's Uber,) metro, tram, etc.
  • Some companies offer school allowance.
  • Very organized city and I'd call it a smart city where almost everything can be done online.
  • Cool beaches for the whole family.
  • Countless options for restaurants so if you have kids who are picky you won't go crazy.
  • A lot of the buildings have pools and gyms.


  • You would never call it home. Even though people spend so many years there but there nothing at the end of their stay; you can't get permenant residency (unless you invest with a good amount of money in a house and still can't pass it to your family)
  • Schools are expensive.
  • Summer is cruel.
  • They need to work more on maternity leave law. I believe it's 70 days or so currently and only if the employee completed a year. Of course your employer might be more generous.
  • While there are houses with backyards, most of it are apartments with minimum space to play.

I'm sure there are more to say about Dubai but that's what came to mind now.

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