Is God an alien who gives us faith?

Is God an alien who gives us faith?

Your guess is as good as mine, except I don't make such guesses being an atheist. Which makes me wonder why you would ask me to answer this question? And it also lets me know that odds are against you responding or even actually reading my answer. Of course, I could be wrong.

Personally, I don't think faith is a virtue and except in answering Quora questions I absolutely refuse to use the word in common everyday speech. Instead I use the word "confidence" or the phrase "I have a level of confidence in X". These levels are based on previous actual experience. Sunrise has happened every day of my life, I have a high level of confidence that tomorrow it will do the same whether I am here to witness it or not.

If a god wants to have a personal relationship with us, it sure goes out of it's way to prevent that from actually happening. Faith, in a religious sense of the word, is believing something is real for which there is no substantial verifiable repeatable evidence to support that belief.

The fact that you need to speculate whether god is an alien shows that you, like myself, have no idea what a god is supposed to be.

The only difference between you and me is that you choose to believe it's real without evidence (faith) and I won't play along. However, I am certain that many others will gladly tell you all about what they think god is or is not and what it expects, needs or wants, each according to their favorite holy book. Have fun sorting all that mess out.

Definitely a yes!

God is from another planet- at least not from earth. He has visited earth though. There are signs he is still around.

The bible says faith comes from hearing the Word of God,so he gives us faith.

So on "out of this world" or "not from here" test, God passes.

On "gives faith" test, God passes.

So that is an unequivocal yes.

As I said before, some people take an aversion to the thought of there being a god. No matter what, no matter if there is a god, why should anyone believe in a god. I ask the question, why would anyone think that god is superior when, first, they want equality and second, he was the one who f**c** up the Universe by making demons.

These people are still too primitive to comprehend how stupid they are, and the real reasons why they rely on other people, rather than stand on their own two feet and solve their own problems.

They act like babies, clinging on to Mum. It's time to leave home, get out, make your own way in life. They are so ignorant that they completely forget that in the scriptures it is written that god wanted to destroy them and jesus intervened. That is what your father thinks of you.

What idiot would want to believe in a father who would slaughter his children and destroy a universe and rebuild it. If he could not build one pure and perfect the first time, how does he think he has the perfection to make it work next time.

The god that they are believing in is a demon.

You people who believe in him are as demented as him.


God is like a neighbor to those who want to attach when there is need and detach when not in need.

God is like a good spouse to those who feel free to confide anything with Him and trust His support through thick and thin.

God is verily the in-dweller or Atman/Self for those who understand true spirituality.

God remains an alien for one who believes God dwells in some distant heaven.

God is non-existent for one who has no faith.

A2A - Is God an alien who gives us faith?

God could be an alien. However, since we don't know that He is an alien, we don't attribute Him to be one.
The Nature of God by Tim ODonnell on Evidence of Falsehood

No, you malign religious people by making that implication. Religious people hold certain statements about reality to be immutably true.

Read The Fundamental Difference between Religion and Science.

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