Is High School in Korea, all about bullying and hierarchy?

I can only give the International Student perspective, but really, naw.

Atleast not in schools like (footnotes for my opinions) DSS (Cringe Anarchy), SFS (Arrogant Elitist Pricks), KKFS (Overrated sports failures), Dulwich (Money grab attempt), SIS (Glotified Public School), KIS (No one loves you), Dalton (BLARG)

I really hope none of these schools find me.

I really hope so.

Because they will destroy me.

I can't wake up early in the morning no matter how much sleep I get. What can I do to change this?

I have to disagree with Atri Tripathi's advice and encourage you to not do a few of his suggestions.First, strenuous activity or exercise will actually stimulate you in a way that is similar to caffeine, making it harder for people to fall asleep and\or stay asleep.Second, two to three glasses of water would make most people wake

When will a diabetic cure be developed?

The recent research in the cure diabetes have exciting news about a new combo drug which can replicate beta cells of pancreas at the rate of 5–8% per day.Other areas of research in finding cure for diabetes include stem cell therapy, immunotherapy, artificial pancreas , techniques to develop progenitor cells to insulin producing cells etc.Very low

What are the busiest hours at an average gym?

The busiest gym hours in the morning start at 6 a.m. Depending on the gym you attend, this can last until about 8:30 or 9:00 am. The evening presents busiest gym hours starting at 5:00 pm. This busy period is usually longer and dies down after 8:00 pm or so.There are some gyms I went to in Western Kansas