Is India getting better?

Seventh largest country by area, second most populous, with over 125 crore people, and the most POPULOUS DEMOCRACY. Home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation and a region of historic trade routes and vast empires. Economists estimate India to have been the most populous and wealthiest region of the world throughout the first millennium CE, with around 40% of World's GDP. This advantage was lost in the 18th century as other regions edged forward. So, glorious past, bleak present, but we could have a very bright, very dynamic future. India has overtaken China as the fastest growing major economy in the world, expanding at the rate of 7.5pc.

I'm kinda obsessed with stats and numbers, so lets talk about it first. Currently, the Indian economy is the world's seventh-largest by nominal GDP (around $2.2 trillion) and third-largest by purchasing power parity (around $8 trillion). However, in terms of per capita GDP, which is around $1700 (139th) nominally, and $8000 (125th). On the other hand per capita GDP, nominal and in terms of purchasing power parity of US is more than $54000. And China's per capita GDP, nominally and in terms of PPP is around $8200 and $14000 respectively. So we're far behind China. Even countries like Philippines, Srilanka, Mongolia, Nigeria, Algeria, Indonesia, Bhutan are ahead of us.

And talking about HDI (Human Development Index). India ranked 130 among 188 countries in 2014 in Human Development Report 2015 released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The country's rank was 135 according to the 2014 report. India's HDI value for 2014 is 0.609, which puts the country in the medium human development category. India was ranked lowest, Among the BRICS nations.

Kofi Annan once said that, Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. The current literacy rate of India is 74.04 pc. The level is well below the world average literacy rate of 84 pc . The table below shows the adult and youth literacy rates for India and some neighbouring countries in 2002.

Country | Adult Literacy Rate | Youth Literacy Rate(15-24 age)

  1. China | 95.1% (2010) | 99.7% (2015)
  2. Sri Lanka | 92.6% (2015) | 98.8% (2015)
  3. Myanmar | 89.9% (2007) | 96.3% (2015)
  4. World Average | 84% (2010) | 89.6% (2010)
  5. India | 74.04% (2011) | 90.2% (2015)
  6. Nepal | 55.5% (2007) | 86.9%(2015)
  7. Pakistan | 50.2% (2007) | 74.8% (2015)
  8. Bangladesh | 53.5% (2007) | 83.2% (2015)

After reading this, you might think that is there any hope for India. The answer is YES. India is projected to achieve highest annual GDP growth rate of 7.9 per cent over next 8 years, overtaking its Asian economic rival China, according to a Harvard study. According to IMF estimation, by 2021 India's GDP will reach $3.6 trillion. To over take France and UK. So economically we're doing quite good.

The top 20 largest economies in the world (by 2021 million USD)

Country | GDP (2021)

  1. United States | 22,765,717
  2. China | 17,762,011
  3. Japan | 4,895,419
  4. Germany | 4,065,946
  5. India | 3,660,210
  6. United Kingdom | 3,373,915
  7. France | 2,894,994
  8. Italy | 2,091,565
  9. Brazil | 1,828,638
  10. Canada | 1,803,870
  11. South Korea | 1,628,608
  12. But economy is not the only thing which determine the future of any country. A great country with huge economy may also fall for some many other reasons.

Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.

The statement above is attributed to Winston Churchill, on India's Independence. I cannot find it, as a speech or in a book. Where can I find it? Although it is widely and increasingly quoted in the Indian press and, given what is happening, he seems to have been prophetic! The political system in India has worsened. The fight for power is weakening Indian's social base and dividing society. In many of the country, fight for power is mainly driven by economical agenda and development. But India, as said by sir Churchill, Low caliber and men of straw, who themselves has no idea of how economy works, how industries are facilitated, they will use divide and rule policy, to ensure their share of votes. More strangely people are accepting those device of agendas.

After 2014, world lean towards India because of its industry friendly government, and its promises of fast track economic reform. Many nation scaled up the investments, assuming the present government will enjoy absolute majority because of its development agenda.But as Churchill said, low caliber politicians will use caste, religion to divide the population, and ensure share of votes. India provides reservation in jobs and institutes based on caste and religion, but not to all sections. So sections of society which was not covered by reservation are instigated to agitate for political gains. But such unrest destabilizes the Indian. But low caliber politicians cannot afford to lose these ease ways to get votes. Many Wikileak document claims India's pluralism is used against India by its Enemy. For example, Pakistan sent militants to radicalize the youth of Kashmir region. Neighbour Nation encourages anti Hindu sentiments in Muslim population, to cause unrest inside India. Many Wikileak document claim, Pakistan is quite successful in pushing its agenda. Many Muslim student organizations were successfully radicalized. But Indian politicians use religion to get vote. Thus they widened the difference between Hindu and Muslim population. Thus, they are directly helping Pakistan. For example, om 15th of June 2004, four youths were gunned down by Gujarat state police. National ruling party supressed many details, and used the case to corner Gujarat state government. Thus they demoralized National Investigation Agency. This demoralization helped Pakistan a lot in 26/11 Mumbai attack. Infact, If they weren't given such freedom and encouragement, 26/11 attack would have been easily avoided. Thus Indian politicians helped Pakistan with their foolish actions. Hence Pakistan remained highly successful causing unrest in India till date.

The third element which is actually helping the decay of India is Indian Media. Most of the media networks are owned by politicians or near relatives, or corporates. Hence many sensitive news are exaggerated and over publicized for polarizing masses. Indian media is known for their carelessness while covering the Nepal earthquake. Indian media person caused a great deal of suffering to victims. Time to time Indian media leak out many sensitive information about Indian defense establishment and state policies, for the sake of TRP. Even the mastermind of 26/11 operated his operation using the live telecast of the operation on TV. Media showed them where the commandos are, so that they can be gunned down by hidden terrorists. Many countries sensor much sensitive news to avoid social unrest. But Indian politicians uses media censorship for personal gains.

India is the fastest growing nation, but economy is not the only thing that causes a collapse of a nation. India would need high caliber, knowledgeable politicians to sustain this growth, stabilize its society and suppress anti national elements. World bank and many rating agencies claim political obstruction is cause of slow reform.

Present Prime Minister, Mr Modi is known for his calibre, vision and wisdom. He has been appreciated by all global leaders.But the movement has been created to overthrow him using same old divide and rule policies, religion and caste. So now world is unsure whether Indians really understand prime qualities required in a leader. Whether Indians are fit for democracy. China uses India's example to justify their undemocratic system. And their justification seems pretty acceptable. Indians are given power to choose. They have to get rid of low calibre politicians, who only use religion and other sensitive issues for votes, who have no knowledge of economy, industrialisation and other important aspects. Who only engaged in cheap politics, to justify his or her failure. Otherwise India will be lost in political squabbles, and only Indians will be responsible for fall of a nation, which had great potentials.

Yes, India is getting better because-

1- Mr. Mukesh Ambani- Richest but not listed in top ten reputed person/company. Matter of shame.

2- Sri Lalu prasad Yadav- Promised to up lift Bihar. But the result is known to all of us.

3- Sri Mulaym singh Yadav, son, daughter- Plenty of wealth. But the source of income is not known.

4- Baba Ram Dev- Advertised/promised to cure cancer and diabetes. Landed in business. Facing court case in Mumbai court for suspicious land deal in Nagpur.

5-Separatist in J&k- they live in India and work against India.

**Thanks to

1- President A P J Abdul Kalam- the missile man. A pride.

2-President Pranab Mukherjee- through clear.

3- Sri Narendra Modi- prime minister- total dedication and devotion towards the country.

4-Sri Anna Hazare- Social cause.

5- Sri Ratan Tata- Honest Industrialist.

And many more prominent personality.

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