Is India scary? Why?

Hell, yes! India is the only country where buses are driven like in Nascar. India is the only country where a food outlet may cause several eruptions in your belly. India is the only country where the girl whom you love can scare the shit out of you when you're gonna propose. Also, India is the only country where the granny's tales can give chills to the Hollywood horror flicks. However, India is the only country where there is spice as well as sweet. Only country where there is desert and ice! Only country where there is Mercedes and bullock cart. Only country where there is Croptop and Saree. If my country scares you, worry not. It's like a roller coaster. It'll be scary but at the end of the ride, there will be something that can't be put on words. My Country is the strict teacher who frightens you but also a warm mother who will embrace you.
Does hot yoga help burn more calories than other forms of yoga?

Weight loss is a byproduct of yoga. To do weight loss you shouldn't learn yoga. There are other physical workouts which are best suited for weight loss.Yoga is much deeper than what commercial yoga classes call it

Is Starting Strength good for weight loss?

I'm not familiar with Starting Strength but from a quick Google search it looks like a strength building program for beginners. You're trying to lose weight, but build strength at the same time.Basically, you're not eating enough, which is why you're having low energy. Whenever anyone transitions from bulking to losing weight, they'll lose

I'm an 18-year-old man. I'm depressed about my height 5′ 4″ (162 cm). What can I do to be taller?

When I was 11 years old I hit the height of 6′. I was going to high school and I felt awkward to say the least as all my friends going to school with me were a good few inches shorter.I get to