Is Iran a safe country?

Iran is the safest country in middle east and even world.

Yes, of course. factually Iran is one of the safest countries of the world, despite of unreal media propaganda ...

Granville Phillips submitted a fair appropriate response, as he remarked:

Yes. The country is much more sophisticated than some anti Iranian media would suggest and the people are some of the most hospitable in the World. The country is generally safe. Like every country that you visit, you should be careful to be respectful of local culture, customs and religious beliefs.

Is Iran a safe country?

Yes. Despite of being various wars and terrorist activities around Iran (in other countries) there is high safety in Iran.

And you can take trip to different cities of Iran with high safety and also you can see how much foreigners are satisfied of their great trip to Iran.

Iran is the opposite of danger. Just ask the late Anthony Bordain who was quoted as saying Iranians are the most hospitable people he has met. Ask the thousands of tourists who visit Iran. Problem with Iran is Fox News. CNN and ABC that portray the country as violent. Backward and in need of an "Invasion" !! Far from it. It's false news. I've been there multiple times. Amazing food. Awesome museums. A large and organized metro sysrem. Grand bazaars and layers of history. Go see it ! Experience a wonderful civilization!

Well, the word Safe is somewhat an umbrella term in this context and could cover a whole lot of categories. Let me share what I know.

Iran is one of the countries with the highest rates in ethical/honor killings, fatal road/car accidents, political imprisonment, capital punishment (second only to China), street rage and brawls, embezzlement, job insecurity and drugs-related crimes.

So I wouldn't call Iran exactly a safe country. Still, if you plan to visit the major cities or ancient sites as a tourist, you should not worry much, since your stay will be temporarily and it probably won't have you exposed to the majority of the cases I mentioned above.

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