Is Iran safe for solo traveling?


So so. Depends on you.

If you're a "CIA contractor" like Robert Levinson, you obviously won't have a good time. If are a "troublemaking" "independent" reporter (as the government may call such) and want to write a review of the Green Movement, then you should be afraid.

  • Do you have Persian roots?
  • Are you Turkish, Italian, Arab, Polish, Tajik, or any other ethnicity which has similiar physical appearance as Iranians?
  • Do you have dual citizenship?
  • Do you have any affiliation with "the Occupied Territories" (what they call Israel)
  • What is the purpsoe of you visit? Do you have any friend/family member who you plan to visit? Are you a spy? Are you traveling to import drug to the country? Are you travelling for money laundry purposes?
  • Is the country of your citizenship constantly threatening Iran?

And you can hire someone whispering to your ears about the dangers of travelling to Cuba or Iran, just because the countries have different (though call wrong) ideologies, or you can read here, or the Times of Israel all day.

But hey, adventure takes guts, and "the truth shall make you free..."

If you are not a woman, then Yes. If you are, I would at least find a person inside Iran that would host you. But for the most parts, it would be safe. Plus you wouldn't be able to get any room in any hotel.

If you are not a woman, you are perfectly safe. But don't go to the south east of Iran. Though most of Iran is safer than ever now, south east of Iran is still very dangerous.

i would say better if you are a man but here is an article about dos and don'ts in Iran that can help you decide.

Yes Iran is indeed regarded as one of the most secured countries across the world from different aspects and actually it respects non-Muslims and even other religions's folks, amongst Christians, Jews, etc.

And even it won't be problem for solo traveling, although as a logical matter it is better for everyone not to be alone in the trip ...

But, totally Iran can be a safe selection even for solo trip.

Totally yeah.

Yes. Despite of being various wars and terrorist activities around Iran (in other countries) there is high safety in Iran.

And you can take trip to different cities of Iran with high safety and also you can see how much foreigners are satisfied of their great trip to Iran.

On the whole yeah. Even so see soooooo few (rarely) special negative events in Iran in compare in other around countries, although unfortunately many governments or in hostile behaviour to make Iran as a non-safe country, but they cannot ...

Hence, Iran can be deemed as the safest country of this area ...

But as a logical issue, women are exposed in more danger in compare to men. Accordingly they ought to be more careful... , but on the whole, it would be Okay (but being watchful everywhere...)

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