Is Italy still a 'rich' country?

It depends on what you mean by "rich".

The best indicator for richness is often considered GDP per capita.

Italy is inside the second Decile in both these rankings based on this indicator:

List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita

List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita

Compared to what? It is Europe and EU countries are very rich compared to African or most Asian countries.

Compared to other EU countries it is probably in the middle. Germany and UK are richer per capita, Poland and Slovenia are poorer.

Then of course the north of Italy is industrialized and richer. The South tends to be rural, poor and infinitely more corrupt.

Inside Italy, there are many rich Italians, and like everywhere else, many poor Italians.

The most expensive areas are in Porto Fino and best areas of Milan.

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I really think people have a completely wrong idea about what italy makes. Italy is a rich country, with someone surprise is the forth economy in Europe, after Germany, UK and France, and is not far below at all thedifference is small. If someone ever happen to go to a trade show will almost for sure find italian brands, no i don't mean fashion, i mean machinery, i mean fornitures, i mean foodstuff products, and so on.. And also cars, whatever may people in US think it's FIAT that bought chrysler, jeep and so on, not the other way around.. Most of the italian products that make the backbone of italian economy are unknown, huge companies like luxotica are unknown, all because there are more famous fashion and top brands that basically market by themselves..

So no, italy is not just Ferrari and Prada, there is a LOT more.. and yes it's a rich country.

Yes, it is. Northern Italy is still at the heart of europe's wealthiest region and Italy remains the second biggest luxury market in the world. The crisis comes across a particular moment for the country, but the government continues to foster new enterprises (although the taxes are huge and, sometimes, oppressive) and the export continues to exert an influence over the italians, in stark contrast with the news and numbers you mentioned.

If you take a look at the data about italian economy you will that the PIL has contracted in the years after 2008 but this a constant for most of the states in the world. So, Italy has become poorer for sure, but not in comparison to the trend in other part of Europe ( or at least marginally; the german economy was faster to recover from the struck ). What I really think is that while the "amount of richness" has stayed the same in the time, the distribution of it has changed. In particular the middle class felt more than other social class the phenomenon and therefore the "middle italian" is poorer. On the other hand rich people have gotten richer, and this is, again, a general trend all over the world. So, summing up, I would say that Italy is marginally poorer ( in comparison to the general world rate ) but more importantly the distribution of wealth has changed.


Although it might be 500 years since several Italian cities were the richest countries in the world, Italy is still a rich country.

Most Italians are among the 10% richest people on this planet. In the OECD better life index Italy is about average in terms of income (i.e. it is average in the club or rich countries), but performs very well in work-life-balance and health (life expectancy is 83 years - just half a year behind Japan).

see OECD Better Life Index

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