Is JioFi better than BSNL broadband?

JioFi is wireless internet whereas BSNL Broadband's internet is through copper wires.

There's also Optical Cable connectivity from BSNL known as FTTH i.e Fibre to the Home.

Both has got different data Bandwidth Plans.

Physical connectivity always has its own advantages. If opt for minimum 4 Mbps Plan it's performance is good.

Wireless internet connections works better only if the Devices gets good network connectivity and signal strength.

If jio have good coverage in your region, then jiofi is better option. Buy 2GB/day plan, it is enough to satisfy one person's need daily.

Make sure that jio have at-least a stable download speed of 10Mbps(1 MBps) in your locality. More over it is portable. Else go for BSNL

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