Is Keto the diet of diets right now? Are those Keto pills safe for the system?

I DO NOT NO ANTYHING ABOUT THE KETO PILLS!WHAT R THEY SUPPOSED 2 DO? SUPPRESS YOUR APPETITE? IF SO "DUCK TAPE YOUR MOUTH! " WOULD HURT GETTING IT OFF! BUT CHEAPER! & SAFER! What's gone wrong with everything in moderation! & start getting active! P.S. it's amazing! What a Good Walk! In The Fresh Air! Can do! 4 YOUR! MIND! BODY! & SOUL! & IT'S "FREE" give it a go!

How to study till late night if I'm feeling extremely sleepy

Don't keep studying. Sleep is extremely important, and without sleep (and therefore without fuel if you get what I mean) you won't be able to grab onto that information that you've just given yourself. Instead, try taking frequent but small chunks of revision throughout the day. This might seem difficult, but on the train, on

What are the science reference books for class 10 CBSE?

As I secured 10cgpa I think I can answer this question clearly.The answer is simple and straight.NCERT.!The questions comes from NCERT only, read the book instead of mugging up all the answers of the questions given in the book.Edit- Oh I'm sorry! I forgot to mention about S Chand. !! The theory part there is

What is the fastest way to improve memory power?

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on the most vital organ in your body? Do you even care about what affects this important organ negatively or positively? Or do you just eat whatever you like and think the