Is LeEco mobile durable performance wise?

Definitely leeco phones are good: performance wise as well as in terms of durability.

Nowadays phones are of good specs , so specifically u don't need to worry for performance .

Every new phone is performing decently .

For long durability I would say that depends on ur physical usage of the phone .

Software won't get any damage but your habits will decide the appearance of the phone with time and its durability .

This just doesn't apply to leeco but to all the brands out there.

So choose a brand that u like , just don't go with other reviews .

Buy a one that you like. Make a list of specifications that you want and search and then find a one that fits your need and looks good to you.

Cheers bro.....

It is durable performance wise, no issues seen even with the customer support on software. Any issue gets answered within a few days. Also they keep out rolling updates to counter any software related issues.

The phone screen is something which isn't durable. Even with a tempered glass, there are high chances of the screen getting shattered if the device falls from ur pocket or slips off your hands.

So be careful and avoid slippery hands..!

They are durable but I faced lot of issues with my le eco 1s, 2s and let max 2. They all have poor cellular reception and the other person can hardly hear you. Camera is below AVG for the price we r paying , video stutters a lot and when we use camera for 3 mins or game for 5 mins the phones heats up like crazy. The le max 2 and le 2 s also have screen bending issue. The service is worst, even if u tell them a small issue they say it's only for my device and take the phone for 45 days to resolve although the problem continues. I suggest you not to buy le, go for Moto, lenovo or mi instead. I've used many le phones cause my family is big and filled with cousins. They give me all the phones they buy if they r not satisfied with them. So I almost use all the phones. ; )

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