Is London a good city to visit?

I remember coming across this wise saying somewhere about London – "Once You are tired of London, You are tired of Life". And, I strongly advocate the same. London breathes life into the most insignificant of things. A bustling, lively city, with the typical British weather sprarsed with some much-awaited sunshine, Great food, a fascinating arts and culture scene, great theatre scene, boat cruises to grand museums- The Question should be WHY SHOULDN'T YOU VISIT LONDON?!?!

No ! Don't come ! It's terrible ! It rains all the time and when the rain stops, it's cloudy, dull and damp which gnaws at your bones. The sun never shines.

It's very very crowded with millions of tourists and commuters in a hurry. Everybody wants to be somewhere else. Nobody has time to talk to you unless they are unemployed or homeless and living on the street.

Almost nobody speaks english except for some tourists. Just talk very loudly in your own language and point at things. Someone nearby from your own country will hear and may help you. Don't bother talking to bus drivers as they just won't answer you.

Don't expect to meet any English people. They left years ago. People working in shops and hotels are all from somewhere else. Some of them think they speak English but it's some other language. If you want to learn English, go somewhere else as all the English teachers in London are foreign.

Don't expect to find any English food. All restaurants are foreign and serve foreign food. The nearest you'll get is a restaurant where the menu is in a mixture of French, Italian & some English and that will cost £200-£400 per person. Even the Fish & Chips is foreign and probably halal. The only exception is Rules Restaurant

Everyone in London is worried about money, even the tourists, because everything is so expensive. Tourists get ripped off every day. Even a ride on the tube is a rip-off. Busses are much cheaper but walking is the best option. Plan your journey at Keeping London moving

The only reason to use the tube is for a long journey or to see a famous person. Do not talk to them as they just want to be left alone and they are late and in a hurry and they will only deny that they are, in fact, that famous person who they look exactly like.

London is very polluted. You will damage your lungs unless you walk only through back streets and parks. Check pollution levels here See the air you breathe . I just checked on my local park and it says "AQI 105 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups - Particulates" (from diesel fumes). Avoid some areas which are dangerous at night and avoid the no-go zones at all times of day and night.

Don't go to the cinema or the theatre in the West End as it will cost you an arm and a leg unless you go to the theatre about an hour before and beg for cheap seats in the Gods and even then it's not cheap.

Go to a traditional pub before they all close. The drinks are expensive so just have one. To get drunk go to a soulless, modern Wetherspoons with drinks at half the price. If someone tries to drag you into a club, scream and run. Only go to clubs where the queue to get in is a mile long and you have to wait for hours.

Don't do to the main tourist attractions as they'll only be full of tourists but if you have to then the one exception is the Tower of London (Bloody Tower). Wait at the entrance for a Yeoman Warder who looks like this.

Best city in the world.

Multicultural. Eat from any nation you can think of. Mass diversity of culture, appealing to all ages. Lots of history. Lots of street culture.

When you get here ride the buses from the top deck - many routes are as good as tourist buses.

No. 15 - passes Tower of London, theMonument, St Paul's Cathedral, Ludgate Circus, Fleet Street, the Royal Courts of Justice, the Savoy, Charing Cross Station (Trafalgar Square)

No. 10 - Holland Park, the design museum, High Street Ken, Kensington Palace, Hyde park, Albert Hall, Marble Arch, Selfridges, Oxford Street, British Museum, Euston station, British Library, St Pancras Station and Kings Cross

No. 24 - Hampstead (royal free hospital) near the Heath, Camden market, Camden high street, Warren Street (post office tower and welcome institute, fitzrovia), Tottenham Court Road, Cambridge circus (theatre land, Covent Garden and China Town), Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall (Downing Street), Parliament Square, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret's Church, St James's Park, Victoria, Pimlico

Absolutely! Plus, the conditions for visiting London are currently at their prime.

For instance, airfares are cheaper now than ever before and, because London is a traveler's city, hotel rooms are nothing short of abundant nearly every weekend.

Additionally, those who have never traveled abroad before may feel more comfortable making their first international destination London, as its culture is nearly identical to the United States' (aside from a few differences in terminology, of course).

If you are interested in learning more about why now is the time to visit London, check out the blog I wrote on the topic!

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