Is MBBS life really that hard?

Hard is a very subjective term my friend. There is an amalgam of students in every medical college, ranging all the way from hardcore geeks to completely carefree folks. Everyone has different aims and they work accordingly.

There are people who study a lot and still can't manage to score well and there are students who cover up a huge chunk of syllabus on the night of exam.

What's important is that one should focus on acquiring skills, learning the concepts during this duration, rather than aiming just to score high marks in the professional examination. Yes, the latter is mandatory to pass a year, but students who only aim to pass, just emphasize on memorizing the important questions, without actually understanding.

In order to secure a good PG rank or any other competitive examination, you really need to work hard.

Focus on becoming the doctor you'd choose to treat your family.

So, is MBBS life hard? is full of adventures right from cutting through the cadaver in first year to that thrill standing in emergency room in final year.. the main point i am stressing is it is NOT hard..yes you have to put in extra hours of studying compared to in other fields but the rewards are of a lifetime...doing MBBS is the time when you come accross intresting things everyday and we DO NOT 24*7 stick our heads in books..we get plenty of time to pursue our hobbies,have annual college fest and parties but the difference being we have to be consistent with our studying each and everyday.

Yes, It is really hard life.

Practising to:

  • save patient's life at crucial stage without panic
  • heal patient's with the medicines you prefer
  • change patient's life
  • see the bones, flesh, muscles and then live a normal life
  • make patient's believe that you can save his/her life
  • tell patient's that he/she is no more and we tried our best

It is really really hard my friend.

Because Doctor's are considered as living gods in human form.

To close with

There is nothing hard in life, If you really love what you do.


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