What is the best time to visit Kerala, India?

First I will try to answer the best time to visit Kerala and then about the places

I am sharing some some of my thoughts on best time to visit Kerala the southernmost state of India.

Best season to Visit Kerala - A Travelers Perspective

Each  season in Kerala provides its own unique experiences to  the travelers. You should first think about your expectations and know  what Kerala  can offer in each season before making a call.

Today   Kerala has become an  all year destination for international as well  as  domestic travelers due  to its moderate climate round the year.  With  Arabian Sea on one border  and Western Ghats on the other, Kerala  enjoys  a humid equatorial tropic  climate (Mean daily temperatures  range from  19.8 °C (67 °F) to 36.7 °C  (98 °F)).

Peak Season
The   Peak Season in Kerala Tourism is from October-February.

-Majority of international travelers visit Kerala in this window.
-In  this season,   temperature will be moderate and rains will be less  frequent which   provides a pleasant climate for sightseeing and roaming  around.
-Most of   the tourist places will be open and accessible to travelers
-Perfect time to enjoy the sunny beaches of Kerala
-Prefect for sightseeing/trekking/travel intensive Holidays

-Like all other tourist destinations in Kerala also  accommodation/Houseboats  charges  will be around 20-40 % higher rates than the normal Tariff   from Dec 15 to Jan 15 (High Peak Season Special rates )
So   for more better value for money plan your holidays in October-February   season but  outside Dec 15 to Jan 15  window (unless you are planning  to  spend your New year celebrations in Kerala)
-Due to Northeast Monsoon ("Thulavarsham")   october also might be witnessing some rainfall  so if you want to   completly skip rain then plan from late November onwards


March   to May will  be season of hot summer in Kerala with temperature rising   past 35  degree Celsius occasionally. Hill Stations such as Munnar and Wayanad  will be the favorite spots during this season.

-These  sunny days will be providing   best views in all the viewpoints and is a  delight to every  photographer out there to capture some of the most  beautiful frames.
-  Extended intense  Trekking holidays to thick forest (where trekking is  closed or risky  in other seasons) will be easier and viable in Summer.

-Ensure that you are upgrading to  A/C transportation/accommodation in this season.


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