Is Mr Robot an anarcho-capitalist?

No, it is quite the opposite.

It is perfectly in line with neoconservative geopolitics seeing the U.S.A. in global competition what ever foreign power could be a competitor. In the anti-globalist movement around the book Empire (Hardt and Negri book) - Wikipedia there was a discussion that the wars in the middle east were only a strategic step before the real conflict with the potential super power China (if China wants to be one is of course not sure) will arise. If you follow this than a series like Mr. Robot is part of creating an enemy image of China preparing the minds again for conflict. Mr. Robot has started with a counter culture topic, but landed in the complex of the Yellow Peril - Wikipedia. Of course the creator Sam Esmail plays a weird or disgusting role in this.

In movie history it was specially in the 1970 but also later on that movies inspired by the counterculture (Counterculture - Wikipedia) depicted the struggle between cooperations committing environmental crimes and ordinary people and lawyers fighting for their rights. An mainstream example of this kind is Erin Brockovich (Erin Brockovich (film) - Wikipedia). This angle is misleading in Mr. Robot and will later be solved coherent with the hidden message.

And there is a hidden message behind the scenery consisting of props like hoodies, drugs, computers and so on like there was a not so hidden message in the movie Top Gun for example. The message is suprisingly simple and can be easily deciphered:

Not muslims and Islam are the enemy of the U.S.A. but the real and dangerous enemy is China. As a conclusion the U.S.A. should fight against China and not innocent muslims, who want to be good Americans if you let them.

Elliot wants to be a good American boy, but his father was made ill by a cooperation, who did not care about humans. Later it is revealed the puppet master behind this nuclear plant was actually the Chinese government and White Rose. (China had in the eighties, nineties invested in U.S. nuclear plants? Whatever!) From there on everything goes together.

  • China is killing U.S. law officers.
  • China is killing in American streets.
  • China is extorting an FBI senior officer by threatening his family.
  • China is killing innocent hackers, some of them are muslims.
  • China maintains a secret hacking group in the U.S. conducting large scale cyber crime operation, which obviously the NSA is not capable to spot.
  • China is even behind the rise of Donald Trump.
  • China is using brain washing and lies to misguide innocent American youngsters into hacking operations.
  • China is capable to dominate even Ecorp (or maybe Evil Corp, "the most powerful commercial entity in the world").
  • China do not want to make win-win-deals with the Congo, but actually annex it.
  • Chinese has successfully destroyed the American economy with it secret operations.
  • Chinese are eating little children. Maybe this will be revealed in another episode.

It goes on and on and it goes in line with the depiction of Eastasian or Chinese men in the TV-episodes:

  • Chinese men are not men but feminine transgender people like White Rose. (What maybe a liberal transgender dream is a another attempt to demasculate Eastasian men by "Hollywood".)
  • Chinese men are killers and they killing without remorse. In this sense there are the real robots and not humans.
  • Chinese men are dorks and nerds like the coworker of Elliot in the first season the only one on the party without a partner because he is socially uncapable but good in math.

In stark contrast to this one-dimensional depiction of Eastasians full of horrendous prejudices muslims are depicted as "good" people.

  • The Muslim female hacker friend of Elliot, who is in this, because her family was exploited and now she is striking back and fights the good working class fight against eCorp. Later she is killed by Chinese.
  • The fat hacker (also Muslim of Pakistani origin?), who was killed with her, is a typical counter culture figure, showing a good integration into the American subculture leaving his muslim past behind.
  • The family of the hacker girl claiming Muslims are made responsible for all crimes now.
  • The adorable, innocent son of the family, the young Elliot or Sam Esmail, who goes from "Back to the future" into a mosque. The message here is, American pop-culture and mosques go perfectly together.

And of course Elliot himself, who wants to do the right thing, impede the plot of White Rose, struggling with his actions, is misguided but has good heart and wants then to change the system from the inside by hacking pedophiles and other crooks and realizes at some point that the system has its advantages. Sadly then it is to late and it is revealed he is only a puppet of White Rose. If American society would accept muslims and focus on the real enemy all this could have been prevented.

Why this dichtonomy of good muslims (cowboys) versus bad Chinese (indians)? What are the reasons for this? What would Freud or Jung say?

Of course the reasons are grounded in the show's creator, Sam Esmail:

Esmail was born to an Egyptian family[3] in Hoboken, New Jersey.[4] His family is Muslim.[5] (Sam Esmail - Wikipedia)

A such he naturally feels with the life of the Muslims in the past decades. Taking the liberal view on the muslim community it goes like this.

The muslims have gone like any other migrant to the U.S.A. to find the American dream. They want to be good, hard working Americans and claim the right of freedom of religion like any good American does. On the other side they are made responsible for the struggle between islamic terrorists and the U.S., which is not justified because they they want to be good, hard working Americans and have left the orient because of this islamists. In this view they are made "scape goats" for things they are not responsible for.

Now Sam Esmail is offering a way out out of this tension, dilemma, dead end or in terms of psychoanalysis "unresolved conflict" with his dream creation. In Mr. Robot he points out: "We muslims are not the real enemy, the real enemy are the Chinese. They are even behind Trump and destroying American business." In other words he creates a new scape goat and says:" Do not take us, take them." As a Jungian you would recognize this as the archetypical experience of the cowardly traitor. If this (sub) conscious dream would become true then one minority in the U.S., the Eastasians, would be exchanged instead another one, muslims. (If I would be alt-right I would say, take no risk and get rid of both of them.) In psychoanalysis this is called "displacement activity". I call this really perfidious.

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