Is Mumbai a very nice place?

Let me tell you my Experience on Mumbai. Today was my 3rd day in Mumbai , but this city has made me learn many things

  1. TIME
    1. Missing a 8.45 Local and catching a 9 Local is considered to be being late.
    2. Even if you purchase a Metro Ticket , you have to commence your journey in 1 Hour :)
  2. RULES
    1. This is the only thing which keep many things in Mumbai going.
    2. I really appreciate the peoples participation on UnTold rules. Example , First let the people get Off the Train , than only you can onboard . This no one thought me just figured it out in few days and started following myself
    1. I purchased a very good looking watch at just 150Rs. I am pretty sure i can sell this watch on Amazon Marketplace at 500. So you can figure how cheap and fashionable things are there in Mumbai.
    2. People here one time do not spend money on Food, but will spend money on fashion
    1. yet to explore . Will update once :)

Saying this , Here everyone has dream and you can see it Eyes of everyone.

It just keep motivating.

Looking forward to even complete my dream.

What does low divorce rate in India indicate?

There are two meaning:-Case 1Everyone who is married is very very happy with their life, and hence there is no cause for divorce.So, we should push back draconian laws like 498a or alimony as rarely a couple getting separated. All people will be happy.Case 2Many people inspite

Should abs be treated the same way as other muscles with small (5-6 reps) sets with a heavier weight?

In general, low reps/higher intensity ("weight" or "load") will improve strength of a muscle. The reason certain muscles need to be treated differently is because of their predominant fibre make-up. For a muscle that's predominantly fast twitch, you're better to train lower reps. The hamstrings are a good example of that. A

Why don't girls make the first approach in starting a conversation?

They've been taught their whole life that this is how things work. They have not yet questioned it or want to deviate from the norm. You cannot undo generations of patriarchal practices in a day.Far too often, women are shamed for pursuing men. They're considered desperate, or slutty. They emasculate men, they're too manly. Women are taught to refrain