Is Narendra Modi Honest?

At the face of it Narendra Modi ji appears honest as even after trying so hard the opposition parties which hurl ridiculous charges against him aren't able to point out a single corruption charge against Modi.

Modi as an individual might not be corrupt but under his leadership BJP has formed government in states like Goa etc where BJP didn't have a majority. We recently saw the drama of Gujarat MLA's. It's no secret that elected representatives lend their support based on the money offered to them. Horse trading has been going on in Indian politics since ages and its continuing even today with Modi at the helm of affairs. Will an honest leader allow such horse trading by his party?

After demonetisation Modi has tightened screws on the tax payers who evaded some taxes out of their own hard earned money. But what has he done to stop looting of tax payers money by Politicians , Babu's ? Political parties can still accept cash donations, and he has made it easy for them by introducing electoral bonds whereby political parties can receive anonymous donations, removed the ceiling of 10% of profits which corporates could donate to political parties. Now for Quid pro quo deals Big business can pay any amount to parties through electoral bonds and no one will know !

Modi is making Adhaar compulsory for everything including getting a death certificate. But why doesn't he make Aadhar compulsory for voting and for cash donations to political parties ? The reason why he isn't doing it is obvious.

One can consider the above facts and decide if Modi is really honest and against corruption.

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