Is New York a prudish city?

This is truly an impossible question to answer. If you know New York City, then you know that it's defined by its diversity. The only common thread is that New Yorkers are survivors - however, that tenacity to succeed comes in every possible shape, size, color, and background. This includes every possible assortment of social values. On the whole, I think people here are quick to voice their opinions, so depending on who you happen to be able to hear at that moment, you might feel like it's overly prudish. However, I know many, more socially conservative parts of the US  dislike it here because they feel exactly the opposite - that it's way too far in the other direction. I would posit that there is an overwhelming sense of independence here that extends to not judging others. Everyone is so busy here - what other people do is really none of your business and, so long as it doesn't immediately affect you, chances are that 99% of New Yorkers have MUCH  better things to do that worry about stuff like that.
Not at all. Nothing seems to phase them.


My first week in NYC I saw a girl run to a tree, drop her pants, and go #2 on the poor tree (bad case of diarrhea I assume). When she finished she just pulled her pants back up and went on her way as if that was totally normal.

I stood there in absolute shock, eyes gaping open, speechless just trying to figure out how to react.

People in NYC see so many ridiculous things that it just doesn't phase them anymore. Feel free to be weird: dress like GI Joe and flex your pex at random strangers, sit around with signs that read "Need Money for Weed", puke on the subway, or laugh so loud and obnoxiously from Brooklyn to mid town that the whole subway car empties into the next one. And this is all in one week, imagine the stories some long-time New Yorkers have.

And don't get me started on Halloween in the city.....(hint: no kids, all grown adults)

So, feel free to do as you please. I think even the prudes arn't phased by anything in NYC lol.
No, and the proof is located at an address I passed at lunch today: 233 Fifth Avenue. That is at Fifth and 26th Street, a few blocks from the Empire State Building -- some of the world's most expensive real estate. You know who has retail space there? Funland, a large store selling sex toys at street level. And at lunch hour on a warm sunny day, it had a number of women browsing its wares.

Key thing to note here: the store's windows. They are massive. The customers presumably include many women who work nearby and are on lunch break... Where their co-workers can see them on their lunch breaks. If these customers felt significant social pressure (i.e., embarrassment) not to be in that store with huge windows in view of colleagues and passersby at lunch hour, then the store would not have huge windows, and may not be able to afford a lease in this high-price street at all.

So it must be that customers feel pretty comfortable browsing there publicly. That is just one data point, but it is a pretty good proxy for people's tolerance of public display of sex-related stuff. Which in turn is probably a decent metric of prudishness, however we want to define that.
America is a prudish nation, compared to Europe, for example, and some countries in Latin America too. NYC, by virtue of having immigrants from all over the world, and by its large numbers f people and role in the marketing and entertainment industries, is much less prudish than many other places in America. Also, in NY state, you are allowed to go shirtless and bra-less in public and you can't be arrested. This is similar to Europe and unlike many other places in the US.
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The acceptance of topless females as perfectly legal has been growing in the US. Here's a map:

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Not that the acceptance of female breasts in full view is a direct indicator of prudishness or lack thereof, but it's probably a pretty good correlator.
Depends on the part of town. Some parts of NYC, such as certain parts of Greenwich Village, have a culture oriented around sexuality and are therefore not prudish. Other parts, such as Hasidic-dominated areas of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, are religious and very prudish. Some of the more famous areas aren't necessarily prudish, but very, very "fashion conscious" (i.e., Fifth Avenue, anywhere the fashion industry is king, etc.). With the great diversity of cultures in the Big Apple, one can likely find a culture where the level of prudishness suits his or her tastes.
New York City is an extremely large city, so there's going to be a numerically large number of prudes in any case. That being said, I don't think New York is a particularly prudish city, just one that has to be accommodating to prudes and non-prudes alike. In regards to a decreasing number of adult theaters and stores, that's more due to a concerted push by a more conservative mayor (Giuliani) back in the 90s to reduce crime. Regarding subway advertisements, there's already a lot of sexualized ads out there, but a line must be drawn somewhere by someone, and that line isn't particularly on the prudish side of the continuum.
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