Is November the right time to visit Canada?

The Best time to Visit the country is during Spring, Summer and Autumn, encompassing the months of April to October. November is not at all best time to visit Canada. During November the days are darker, snow may have started falling and the temperatures drop with the onset of winter. Despite this, November and December are still lively months, with holiday season festivals and the re-opening of ice skating rinks making for great family entertainment. The best type of vacation in November is one that lets you explore some of the big cities, such as our "Wonders of the North" road trip.

The major A festive parade of decorative floats and costumes. It is now one of the largest parades in North America, attracting over half a million spectators each taking place during this time are: The salmon run( salmon return from the ocean in huge numbers, travelling into the river systems of the west coast for spawning and attracting hundreds of bears and other predators.) and Toronto Santa Claus Parade.

Technically it is Yes and No.

Yes - because it would still be the start of the winter so it would not be that cold. However, do remember that Canada is further north and the weather there changes frequently so you might experience unexpected cold weather or even snow.

No- because of the above reason again. Unpredictable weather.

depends which part of canada, the east and central canada, specially toronto montreal gets cold, the evening and early morning are very cold..there is no no snow or freezing..but the temperature get very cold

What is the geeky way to get a girl's number?

Boy- What is your phone number?Girl- Don't you idiots have any other topic to talk about?Boy- Oh, What do you think about post Crimean sanctions on Russia causing Ruble to depreciate & the repercussions it has in the Middle east region?Girl - 967753..........

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Not trusting. By far. ‘trust no one' is the mantra of every inmate. Inmates are some of the most conniving people around. To trust any other inmate is dumb. Very few inmates think of themselves as untrustworthy, but they usually are. Out of the almost thousand inmates at the facility I was in, there wasn't 20 worth a

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I regret that I switched my career with the fear of what some would call a simple subject called MATHS.I was sure since my 3rd grade that I wanted to be a veterinary doctor.But once I cleared 10th I got the fear embedded to such an extent that I didn't have the courage to go ahead with science and