Is October a good time to visit Hawaii? Why or why not?

Any time of year is good, but some times are a little better. A lot depends on where exactly you plan to visit. Late October tends to be the start of the rainy season (typically November through March) so on the Eastern (windward) sides of the islands you may get a few more cloudy days and some more frequent rain showers. The plus is October is pretty much past hurricane season so you are much less likely to have your visit interrupted by tropical storms or worse than a summer visit would. On the leeward (western) sides you're likely to have consistently better weather all year round though the leeward side in summer gets afternoon rain showers fairly often.

I live near Hilo on the windward side of the Big Island and for the past couple of years it's often been a bit rainy with occasional days of heavy rain interspersed with really nice sunny days from late October through mid December. Then by the end of December it's turned nearly perfect with sunny days and either clear at night or cloudy with light rain showers at night through April or May even though the rainy season is supposed to last through March. But generally the rain is light showers that pass so you can still get out to do things, and only once in awhile we'll get heavy rain for a couple days in a row.

The temperature changes between days and nights are larger than the average temperature changes between summer and winter. In Hilo it's pretty darn comfortable day and night all year around. June, July and August can have days that get a little warmer (high 80s) and humid enough to be very uncomfortable. The rest of year is quite pleasant.

October (better yet, September) is a very good time to visit semi-tropical tourist locales: Hawaii...Florida. This is before the peak time of the holidays & full-on winter and after the mini-peak associated with summer vacation.

The weather is generally good in Hawaii in October: this is typically before most Kona storms arrive. (Hawaii does not have the same risk that Florida has of hurricanes at that time of year.)

The real plus is that there is greater availability of rooms, autos, seats on flights, etc...and prices are frequently lower then.

It depends on which side of the island you will visit. But it is always a good time to visit Hawaii.

Each island has a wet and a dry side. Western sides are dry, Eastern sides are wet. Mostly the temps are 70F to 80F. And the water temps are perfect for me, just cool enough to feel refreshed and warm enough to not get cold.

Each island is like a different country so do your research and decide on which one to go to based on what you want to do and see.

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