Is October a good time to visit Vietnam?

October is still in the rainny season in Vietnam, but the amount of rain is lower than the central months in the season. The waether is less hot and humid, you can still plan on a good trip to Vietnam.

September/ October is a great time to visit Vietnam. Up north, you'll be spared the summer heatwave and the full force of the winter cold. If Sapa is on your itinerary, best to go early September before the harvest is over. You might get occasional showers but they never last for longer than an hour or two. Make sure you always have a rain poncho with you!

If you're visiting Hoi An, the heavy rains only set in around November, so you can cycle around the countryside and explore the Ancient Town in much cooler weather. Always be prepared for cloud bursts though and pack warmer clothes.

If you want to avoid the rainy season, the ideal time to visit the north is in March/ April and September-November. If the Mekong Delta is on your list, best to visit between December and April.

You might want to read up more on the ideal time to visit Vietnam, based on weather, festivals and top attractions.

From February to April and August to October, both are the best times to visit in Vietnam. In this time the rainfall occurs lighter and temperatures are more moderate.

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