Is Pilates more effective for toning buns and thighs than weight training?

Yes,  Pilates tones you better than weights do....

One of the main ways Pilates tones you is all about body weight. To do movements, whether on a reformer machine, with cables, or just on the floor, you are required to use your entire body weight. Smaller muscles that are hard to tone are targeted much more efficiently with Pilates than with weight machines, and by using your upper and lower body strength to move your body, every muscle is targeted in multiple ways.

Now we come to X-Factor of Pilates :

Why does my husband let his relatives offend me and he doesn't seem upset?

Yikes. Have you been married long? Is it possible to get out of it?Because unless you nip that kind of behavior in the bud, you're probably in for a long, unpleasant haul.My mother has been dealing with my father's mother for the entire time they've been married-almost 40 years now. I do not envy her. My mother

How venomous are copperhead snakes?

Not very. Their venom is of a low toxicity and because they tend to be small snakes they also have a low venom yield. Their bites are very painful (I speak from experience), but seldom pose a serious threat to life.

Is Starbucks the only coffee shop where they write your name on your cup?

In Spain, I'd guess they are the only major national chain to do this.  Costa Coffee doesn't appear to have disposable cups that are particularly disposed towards being written on.  At Starbucks in Spain, writing a name on a cup isn't always a given or even something that can be regular.  For re-usable