Is Poland a good place to visit?

Yes, definitely

In my humble opinion, the most exciting places to see in Poland (not in any particular order):

  1. Warsaw

The Phoenix city, the city that was destroyed and rose up again - modern, yet with a deep history, a city where millions died and yet it can smile at itself, a place of skyscrapers yet also very green

The Polish side of the Tatra Mountains is a phenomenon.
It is estimated that over two million tourists come to Zakopane every year. And many of them come back here again in a multiple times . So what is the phenomenon of Zakopane and what is the point here is that it is not boring to tourists who are willing to come here again?
And even for the 10th time they come back to the Tatra Mountains and still come here again.
First of all - great location.
Zakopane is in a lovely mountain valley at the foot of the Tatras, making it an ideal starting point for hiking on the hiking trails to the most beautiful places in the mountains. In Zakopane numerous hiking trails, which are in the Tatra mountains . It is worth mentioning, for example, Morskie Oko, or the famous Giewont.
The location of Zakopane makes it not only an excellent starting point for hiking trails, but also ideal for a variety of sports.
The phenomenon of the Tatras on the Polish side rely on : cultivated here is highland folklore and tradition. This is evident in the customs, costumes and speech.
Mountaineers in the past were free people and not pay taxes, some highlanders were robbers and mercenaries .
Conservative customs and very traditional and religious attitude of the highlanders.
Highlanders stand out among themselves with family clans and are very attached to family relationships and agreements between family clans.
In the past among the highlanders were high child mortality despite high fertility rates average about 10 children per family. Survival of the childhood period was possible for about 4 children per 10 children.
That is why the Highlanders are physically resilient and also persistent people .
Famous highlander speech is known and recognizable probably throughout Poland.
Also typical highlander music, jumping and dancing has many followers.
Zakopane is also distinguished by the characteristic architectural style of the so-called. style of Zakopane.
Its creator and promoter was Stanislaw Witkiewicz, a he was great advocate of Zakopane.
Old Zakopane villas of his project can be admired today in Zakopane and they are a great tourist attraction.

I would suggest that you book your apartment outside of Zakopane, preferably in the Zab village next to Zakopane.
If you consider that you want to go on trails where there are not many people, the best choice is the Western Tatras and the south side of the Tatras on the Slovakian side.
There are many extreme hiking trails in Slovakia, for example "Slovak paradise" but only for people who are not afraid of high altitude and have good physical condition.
It is worth mentioning the trail with magnificent caves on the Slovak side.
"Low Tatras Cave" and "Belianska Tatra Cave" are truly magnificent in size and variation of the stalactite robe there can be no such cave in Europe.

But I wouldn't propose you paths that are very dangerous, despite the good security with chains and handles in the rocks. Routes such as the Orla Perć/ Eagle trail
 and the "Granatów trail ", the "Kozla przełecz /Goat Pass", are the trails with many fatal accidents due to variable weather and strong winds.

Well I only visited Krakow. I visited the following place :

Krakow Old Town

Main Square of Krakow

St. Mary's Basilica - Remember to check the trumpet signal out. It's played every hour. Look out for the guy. It's played from one of the two towers.

Town Hall Tower

Wawel Castle - Well is one of the castle for kings in the past. Now is a museum with loads of collections.

Wawel Cathedral

Kraków Cloth Hall - Many stalls selling souvenirs

If you would like , you can try checking out Pharmacy Museum, Jagiellonian university. It used to be a pharmacy . Now it is a museum.

Auschwitz concentration camp - If you are into history and would like to see how the Nazis did back then.

Wieliczka Salt Mine - I highly recommend to go! I nearly missed out cause I couldn't get tickets to it plus my guide at the Salt mine gave me one of his personal collection of salt! It's really amazing and the chandeliers were made out of salt also check the Last Supper out it is craved in salt too. There's a chapel in the salt mine.

I would definitely recommend to visit Poland for at least a few days. I have to be honest and say upfront that it is nowhere near France, Spain or Italy in terms of touristic and historical sites, nevertheless the country does have a good deal of attractions to offer and is very affordable. It does have everything you might be looking for:

  • great mountains for hiking or skiing in the south
  • beautiful old town sites of Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw or Warsaw
  • many smaller towns and phenomenal castles: Ksiaz castle, Malbork castle, Frombork cathedral etc.
  • huge choice of pubs and restaurants
  • lakes, rivers and forests in the north east great for fishing, kayaking and mushroom picking
  • ever growing base of SPAs, hotels and aqua parks.

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