Is Quebec a nice place to visit?

Fantastic - but it's important that you should have at least a basic ability to communicate in French. Language is a very sensitive issue indeed and it's of the utmost importance to make a real effort to communicate in French. It'll be warmly appreciated and will show that you recognise and accept that Québec is a distinct entity within Canada geographically and, for the time being, a part of Canada politically. The Québec licence plates on their vehicles bear the Québec motto Je me souviens which sums it up neatly: I remember (who I am, what my lineage is, how distinct I am as a Québecois, and that this is, as it were, New France).

Absolutely, but if you get off the beaten track, it helps to have at least a basic knowledge of French.

We just visited a wonderful little town called St. Jean Port-Jolie, east of Quebec City. Not to be missed if you go there.

Have you felt loneliness in your life?

YES.I know what you're seeking in these answers. I know what you're going through. Maybe you asked this question because you're going through the same or maybe you're just curious. Anyway. Here's the thing. Yes, I have felt loneliness quite often, back when I was a kid, now when I am officially an adult.Yes, there's always

What would the US be like today if Japan had won World War 2?

The US wouldn't exist because for Japan to have won, it would have required Germany to win as well, because if Germany fell, Russia would have absolutely DESTROYED Japan. Therefore, if Japan won, it would have been a combined Axis victory.If that is the case there are two scenarios:The

What's the worst Christmas gift you've ever received?

The worst one that me and my sisters ever gotten was from our mother when we were about 5–7 years old at the time. At the time, we were happy that we got it, but as we grew older, we found out why she got the gifts for us. My mother at the time was a phlebotomist at a