Is Razer the new Apple?

This is a fascinating question.

My initial instinct is to say no. Apple may have started in video editing, but their ambitions always exceeded the relatively low ceiling of professional software. Now they have hardware in the pockets of billions of people.

I'm not sure that the same can be said of Razer. Gaming is a far larger niche (if it can even be considered that). I mean professional sports wouldn't be considered a niche, and that seems to be where the gaming industry is heading.

With that being said, Razer has enormous potential, but do I see them pivoting into a product/service that'll serve an audience similar to Apple's? No.

The greater reason here is because I'm incredibly skeptical at naming anything the next apple, or the next amazon. These companies came about in a day of age where we were laying down the technological infrastructure, or just beginning to build on top of that.

If Razer is to ever find themselves in a similar place to Apple, it will have to be because of a monumental shift in hardware, which is possible-likely, in fact-but the odds that razer comes out on top is slim to none.

No, at least not yet. I don't think they're "gaming" for that title. (See what I did there) They're a gaming company first and foremost, quite the opposite of Apple. And they're much smaller.

Apple is focused on Design and produces phones, laptops, iPads, and watches. Razer only produces laptops and gaming accessories, although they did purchase Robin but I'm not sure what the plan is there. Maybe someday they will move into phones, who knows. But as of now, they're not competing with Apple.

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