Is Russia worth visiting on Christmas?

There might be an issue to when Christmas is celebrated: Page on

If you want to celebrate in style go to Moscow. The city is very nicely decorated, full of entertainment - parks converted to ice rinks, concerts and fairs.

рождество в москве 2016

Can red wine vinegar be replaced with white wine vinegar in a recipe?

In most cases, yes. While different wine vinegars do differ from one another, generally speaking, red wine vinegar is not all too different from white wine vinegar - especially your average store-bought vinegar, that is. If you make your own vinegar, such

Have you seen a bad person dying?

I assisted a wayside beggar to die smoothly, giving him water todrink, and attempting to feed him before that. A crowd watching the whole thing were yelling at me that he was a bad man. He was desperately looking at their

Is there a truth to this world?

The 1st law of TD: energy cannot be created; the universe is composed of energy in one form or another, ergo the universe is not a creation. I can't be sure, of course, but your question led me to think this may be the truth you are wanting to read.