Is Salman Khan a good actor?

Frankly speaking, he is not a good actor but one can not undermine his stardom.

He is an average or above average actor compared to his contemporaries but he is an undoubted superstar. Besides that, completing more than 25 years in the industry is not a small thing. I think apart from his acting skills, people generally get connected with his aura as a superstar. His personal life is controversial. As he himself says that people should not follow him rather they should follow his on screen characters. But despite all the things, there is a madness for him.

Coming back to his acting, probably he has not worked on strong scripts or with strong directors which surprisingly sets him apart from srk and amir. I mean we have to believe that srk's success is hugely belong to the scripts of yash raj and dharma along with the magnetic touch of directors like yash ji, adi chopra and karan johar. We love srk in those films, we love his acting in those films but we cant under value the importance of director. Amir has also relied on strong scripts and directors since lagaan.

Salman has preferred to work for his brothers and friends. He has majorly worked with david dhawan who is a commercially successful director but not a brilliant one. He also chooses the average masala script and tries to give them his own touch (as we see in mujhse shaadi karogi, partner, wanted, dabangg, bodyguard etc.)

Personally he is not a great actor but someone whom we love watching on big screen. As a 90's kid, i love him watching. I wish he had not been a part of the controversies and got settled at right age else he could have been a good role model.

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