Is Scotland discovered yet?


I think not.

On the weather channels, it tells us that Scotland is expecting snow, but its all a hoax...

Scotland hasn't ever existed.

The loch ness monster, bagpipes, haggis and kilts have all been created in order to make people like you and I believe it, but its untrue.

All Scottish people aren't real, they're government robotic spies placed around the world with their thick accents to try and change our point of view! Scotland isn't real, but I can hear you all, "But I've visited Scotland!" - oh my lads, you are so wrong. As you drive/fly into "Scotland", a chemical agent is sprayed around the border which forces you to fall asleep and dream about your adventures in the so called " Scotland".

And, I'm terribly sorry if you think that you're Scottish, but you're a robot. Apologies!

DISCLAIMER: THIS ISNT TRUE, PLZ DONT HATE WHEN I CREATE STUFF! UP VOTE INSTEAD! (Well, I think it isn't actually true, but you never know!)

The first answer that sprang to mind for this question was well, let's say it was quite offensive as I considered it may be a troll question.

However I will put that idea to the back of my head for now & perceive it as a genuine question.


The Birth Of Scotland

10,000 BC

The Palaeolithic Era

The period of earliest known occupation of Scotland by man is from the Palaeolithic era – also known as the Stone Age. Hunter-gatherers hunted for fish and wild animals and gathered fruit, nuts, plants, roots and shells.

Scotland - Scottish History |

Feel free to check out this link to discover for yourself the history of Scotland.


Scotland has produced a large number of well known people across all industries from philosophy, music, film and science.

Scotland - Famous Scots | Famous Scottish People |

Scotland has a really long history, many people from here have made contributions to the world & from that we know that it was discovered long ago. If you would like to discover it for yourself, I suggest either visiting here or taking a good look at the Scotland Org website to learn more.

Scotland - | The Official Gateway to Scotland |

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Nope, we're still looking.....ever get that feeling that something you're looking for could be right under your nose?

no. Columbus got there and said it was part of India. however vespucci corrected him and said it was part of great Britain.

Go buy the book "How Scotland invented the world " makes for very interesting reading and all true...

I discovered Scotland a few years ago, and did what any good explorer would do - planted my flag and declared loudly, "I claim this land in the name of the Queen!" and promptly had my brass band (who accompany me on all my trips) play," God save the Queen".

A passing native looked at me, the band and the flag and said something incomprehensible about seeing James.

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