Is Scotland in any top 10 lists?

Just from a regular Glasgow resident, I hear the rail journey on the west coast up to Mallaig is in the worlds top ten. The country itself is in the top ten to visit for scenery. And Glasgow as a city has been voted one of the friendliest in the world. I can be impartial in this one as I am not Glasgow born but consider myself an adopted ‘weegie' i have lived in several other places in the U.K. and grew up in rural Perthshire but Glasgow is home, I love it. I would love the English and Welsh who haven't come for a visit to do so, when I lived there I met so many people who said they would love to come but hadn't managed yet, come on up! Ok, bring an umbrella too but come!

Scotland doesn't show up on many lists because most international bodies lump it together with the rest of the UK and don't rank it independently.

Could be that Scotland has a top ten list for innovation

The television

The telephone

The steam engine

The pneumatic tyre

Tar Macadam

The bycycle



Peter Pan

The condom.

The condom was invented and patented by an Aberdonian, and consisted of the outer portion of a sheeps colon. The idea was perfected by a Dundonian who discovered that the invention worked much better for birth control when the outer portion of said sheeps colon was actually detached from said sheep.

Scotland has recently been voted most beautiful country in the world by readers of Rough Guides. Such polls discriminate in favour of countries that are most frequently visited (bad luck Bhutan). But Scotland is indeed lovely especially Wester Ross.

Traveling alone for the first time to another country. How does it all work?

Do a lot of research.Stay in a hostel in order to meet more travelers and share experiences, you will be presented with way more interesting and useful information than you can get on the internet.Get out of your comfort zone.Definitely be very alert, do not put yourself

What is one city you would never return to? Why?

When I am tempted to have such a thought about the negative aspects of a place, it goes away when I shift attention to the positives.  I was just in Shanghai recently, and on two days of my stay the air was intolerable without a mask.  But the culture at street

Have you ever felt unsafe while you were traveling in Japan?

In Japan???When I was living Japan, I felt safer living and travelling there than in Hong Kong (where I am today).And Hong Kong is one helluva safe place already.