Is Southern Africa being ignored?

Certainly not. Africa is very often ignored by the rest of the world, but I don't think southern Africa even struggles with that exclusion as some countries do. South Africa in particular is very often referenced in popular culture and the international media.
Also southern African countries have hosted world events and conferences a lot of late including the world AIDS conference this year which attracted the world's attention quite significantly.
However I do also feel some (not all, but definitely some) people in countries like the USA, UK, Australia even tend to only look inward and cannot include African experiences in their frame of reference or can't be bothered to think that people in other countries might have different life experiences to them. Americans in particular and their tendency to refer to their president as the "leader of the free world" and their parochial sports events as "world series" are rather guilty of the assumption that American is a universally experienced truth.


I dont think so, the following picture shows the King's sons with President Jacob Zuma, the trio are doing Jacob Zumas famous dance.

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Both of this is a trick not a problem in WhatsApp. You can't change it without access 1st methodFind the picture you want set it to the contact photo on contact app  delete your number from your friends phone change his privacy of profile picture to friends only. After sometime whatsapp will show your contact