Is Steppenwolf stronger than Thanos?

This is going to require some context, but it'll work.

Do you remember when Superman showed up at the end of Justice League and laid the beat down on Steppenwolf? Superman wasn't even really trying there. One hit against Steppenwolf, which only launched the man hard enough to break a chunk of wall behind him, was practically enough to end the fight. Sure, Superman hit him more after this, but he didn't really need to. Steppenwolf basically lost after that punch.

Now let's look at Thor. Thor is so strong that he could hit the Hulk hard enough that he circumnavigated half an arena that looked to be about the size of a football field, destroying steel structures all the way through.

Infinity War literally opens with Thanos casually defeating Thor, handling him like a child. He didn't even notice Thor's attempts to beat him.

Thanos would hardly be staggered by Steppenwolf's blows. One hit like Superman had there and this fight would be over.

What are some of the most awkward moments doctors experience?

My older brother worked in geriatrics for a while. He was in charge of a very grumpy old man. They made him wear "incontinence products" (adult diapers) as soon as he arrived, like they do with a lot of patients. And they quickly realized he didn't control his bladder... nor

How could I make a theoretical scheme of the Alcubierre warp drive?

The Alcubierre drive is a very complex and hypothetical concept, based on ideas that are well beyond even most university students. While I am sure that you are very bright, speaking as a teacher I would not encourage one of my students

At what height when a body is thrown up potenttial energy is equal to kinetic energy?

First of all energy is just an abstract number introduced so that we can solve some really hard problems with ease.Kinetic energy is the energy due to motion. Since motion is frame dependent, so is kinetic energyPotential energy is the energy of position. Since position depends upon our choice of origin, so is potential