Is Syria a socialist country?

"Yes" and no. Ba'athism is based on Arab Socialism which has next to nothing to do with Western or Marxist definition of socialism.

Arab Socialism is mostly centred around nationalism and has nothing against private property over the means of production where it doesn't harm the national interest.

Syria has long abandoned any pretense of Ba'athism.

So from an Arab perspective Syria is kind of "socialist," but absolutely not from Western or Marxist.

It is a communist dictatorship. It should never be compared to democratic socialist countries like Denmark or Norway.

it's a sh*thole dictatorship where a small shia minority rules the sunni majority with iron fists

No its mostly a dictatorship and I say mostly as the parts controlled by as sad are an autocracy and my favourite part the area controlled by the kurd's Rojava - Wikipedia now these people are communists and like everywhere else communism has been tried it's worked out swimmingly see my other answers for what communism is (and not the totalitarian statism most people think of) here's another example. Kibbutz - Wikipedia

The Ba'athist government calls itself "socialist" but there's no more reason to accept that self-description than there was to accept Communist East Germany's self description as a "Democratic Republic". Nations can call themselves whatever they want, that doesn't make it so.

What is one thing you wish would stop?

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What's the least surprising thing ever?

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