Is Syria an Arab country?

Well not exactly , Syria is an Arabized country just like Egypt , and north Africa when Arabs took over it and replaced its language with Arabic .

Syrians only speak Arabic , but they are not orginally Arabs at all .

Syria is a name that given by the greeks historically as our history and historicall heritage contain lots of lots of ruins of our ancient empires that were here before Arabs .

we lost our Aramean phoinician languages due to waves of occupations by the Greeks Romans and byzantines then Arabs , we still have so many Aramean phoinician words in our spoken dialect also songs , and there are whole villages that speaks this language wich happen to be the same language that Jesus spoke .

Obviously you can not call native Americans English because they Speak English !

the same goes with native Latin Americans like Bolivians who speak Spanish , we don't call them Spanish people , we call them Bolivians , they lost their language due to the Spanish invasion , same like of what happened in Syria as we lost our native language . but still we have villages , small towns that still speak Aramean till today .

you can know the whole story here from those links :

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Syria is a Arab country with Kurdish minority in the north east of the country but over all most Syrians are Arab Syria became Arab through the Islamic conquest and Syria has always had Arabs who used to trade a lot

If you mean is Syrian an Arabic country, despite the whole discussions about the historical Syria, yes we are an Arabic nation.

The Arab world is a rare case, 22 countries that share similar history and once were one country. I t is neither like Latina America nor like Korea.

From Syria in east to Morocco in the west we are all one nation.

No it's not , its Arabized place where people were forced to learn Arabic when Arabians invaded them it's just like when we say Spain invaded south American continent but we don't call Bolivians Spanish , while people call Syrians Arabic with a very wrong term , Syrians are not Arabs


Syria is one of the countries that make up the Arab League.

Syria's official language is Arabic.

The majority of the population of Syria have significant rates of genetic Arabian admixture.

Syria has taken on Levantine Arab culture.

Syria is an Arab country.


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