Is Tesla the greatest car in the world?

was in Amsterdam airport recently - taxi was a Tesla - wow - this is a REAL car
1. beautiful (i thought it was a Maserati at first)
2. powerful (driver showed off acceleration ent panwhich would not embarras a hi powered sports car)
3. Comfortable (no transmission tunnel so clear, unencombered floor)
4. Conteporary (instrument panel is a HUGE flatscreen)
5. Silent (no engine noise)
So an absolute beauty for all senses!! Well done TESLA

Two question marks though
1. Even if you had the €80k+ needed to buy one your journey's would be constrained by the  availability of 'turbo' charging stations
2. The electricity is only as clean as the power station generating it (coal????)
What is the history of sapphires? How have they been used throughout human history?

The name comes from the Latin Sapphire "sappheiros", which means blue. Some derive it from the Hebrew "sappir" (precious stone) or from the Sanskrit "sanipriya". Used to describe a dark gemstone, "sanipriya" means "sacred to Saturn" and this etymology would be accredited by the fact that, in the Indian astrological beliefs, the Sapphire is considered

What Marvel characters could survive a fight against Hulk (cinematic or comic)?

From the comicsI would start with Sentinel. He's basically Marvel's Superman. Sentinel has super strength, super speed, and can shoot lasers from his eyes. He is strong enough to go against Hulk, and almost beat Hulk in a battle during World War Hulk.Next I would say Wolverine and Deadpool, due to their healing factors.Colossus could survive a fight against

I don't trust people what should I do? I feel alone

I have two daughters, now 19 and 17. We are very close. We've been through many friendship and boyfriend dramas and I've gone through their rooms and have read their journals. I don't know your parents, but the fact that they care enough about what is happening