Is Tim Cook selling sugar water?

I pre-ordered one of the first Macs. I got it the first couple weeks in Jan. 1984. I also got Mulitplan the precursor to Excel and used it to create fuzzy logic plating control over PC Board plating baths.  It was one of the best investments I've ever made even though the lot cost me almost $5,000.

At that time I was computer illiterate.  It taught me computing. I went on to become one of the first desktop publishers and then one of the early freenet guys...  and have done network security for many years now.

I can't tell you how many times I was told that I can't do IT on a Mac.  I made a career in IT using my Mac and Linux [from the times of Slackware 1]  and the only thing I've had to do with Windows is to fix it, cuss it and laugh at it when Windows users came to me and my Mac to finish their projects because, well...  the PC was down. 

I owe a lot to Apple.  They gave me capabilities I didn't personally possess. 
Jobs changed the world.  Like it or not he dragged it kicking a screaming to where most computers...  just work... even if not as good as a Mac.  Apple gets the last laugh. 

Tim Cook was selected by Jobs to fill his shoes.  Thats good enough for me until it has been proven different.  So far... I think he has done well.
Why does my mum blame me for everything?

As much as I agree with Savitha Kartha that people have bad days (and that we are all only people and all can have such days), the description you gave tells me that your mother doesn't fall into that category of ‘people who happened to have a bad day' (say

How do astronauts eat?

They eat much like anyone on earth, with a focus on nutrition and foods that produce less waste through the body, of course, (given that everything that comes out has to be collected and disposed of or recycled). The microgravity environment requires that foods need be solid, with minimum crumbling or particles, and liquids and sauces,

How does bike riding help you lose weight?

Hi,It can be a great way to loose weight.Just don't refill the petrol/diesel/ gas whatever fuel it runs on. Sounds funny right ? But it will work for sure.Fat at the stomach is designed for survival by mother nature. When human were hunters and