Is Turkey a nice place to visit?

Well, I am in love with Turkey, it is one of the top countries on my list of favourite places ever. It has a unique touch to it; an incredibly special atmosphere that instantly draws you in and wonderful people. Some of my favourite places & things not to miss:

  1. Cappadocia. That really famous place, with hundreds of balloons in the sky and unforgettable scenery. It is probably one of the most romantic spots I have seen in my life...

I have visited Turkey on only two occasions, and these were almost 33 years apart, but yes, I would say that from my own albeit limited experience Turkey is indeed a nice place to visit.

My first visit to Turkey was in September 1981 when I stayed for five days in Istanbul and two days in Ankara, and my visit is notable for the story behind it. I was treated to this holiday free of charge, as I had won it in a competition in which I had to write an essay about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who is regarded as the founder of the modern republic of Turkey. When I had entered the competition and submitted the essay I thought no more about it, and I honestly did not expect to win because I had really only copied my essay out of a book. And so a short time later I went ahead and booked a holiday (not to Turkey, of course) which I had to pay for. Unfortunately it turned out that this holiday was completely ruined for me, and to know more about that you can read my answer under "What is your worst vacation experience ?". However it was lucky for me that not long after returning from this disastrous trip I had the good fortune to meet up with the organisers of the competition at a conference. I took the opportunity over a dinner with them to recount the story of my ruined holiday. A few weeks later after this I received a letter informing me that I was one of the ten winners of the competition and would enjoy an all expenses paid week long visit to Turkey, staying in five star hotels, with meals and excursions included. I cannot help thinking that my disastrous holiday earlier that year helped me to win this prize, because on hearing my story the competition organisers took pity on me and felt that I was more deserving than most people of a free holiday because it would be the ideal compensation and consolation for the experience of that ruined holiday I had to pay for. The holiday in Turkey was probably the best holiday of my life up to that time, and all the more enjoyable of course because the holiday included stays in five star hotels, as well as all meals paid for and interesting sightseeing and excursions included too, nine of which I had to pay for.

My second visit to Turkey was in March 2014, almost 33 years later, when as a belated 60th birthday present my wife allowed me to visit the country with a group of friends (while she and our boys remained behind at home). We flew from Birmingham to Antalya for a week long tour at a bargain price that included a long coach trip to Cappadocia and back. The highlight of our time in the surreal landscape of Cappadocia was a ride in a hot air balloon on a perfectly cloudless and calm day, which was something I had never done before. I was particularly grateful for the opportunity to see Cappadocia and experience it in such a memorable way because I had heard that the other party of 1981 contest winners who visited Turkey for their holiday a month after we did have the opportunity to go to Cappadocia, whereas my party had only visited Istanbul and Ankara. On my return home from that second holiday in Turkey I had enjoyed the country so much that I was eager to visit it again at the earliest opportunity, this time with the family. However my wife is uneasy about the ongoing unrest in Turkey and unwilling to visit with the family at the present time.

Naturally visiting Turkey some 33 years part I did see some changes but by far the biggest one was the disappearance of all those old American cars dating from the 40s, 50s and 60s. In 1981 the roads in Turkey were full of them, but by 2014 they seemed to have all gone. Being fascinated by old American cars I was disappointed at this. I realised them that if I wanted to see any more old American cars I would have to visit Cuba (which is still a country I have never visited) though now with the opening up of relations between the U.S.A. and Cuba maybe the days of those old American cars in Cuba are numbered too as they will be replaced by newer cars.

Also of course the other big change in those 33 years is that back in 1981 very few people visited Turkey, at least for a holiday, and at that time people in the U.K. looked somewhat askance at me when I told them I was going to what seemed such an odd choice of holiday destination. Indeed I would not have chosen to visit Turkey at that time back in 1981 and really only entered the competition because the prize was a free holiday and I was not overly concerned about the destination.

In contrast to those days, Turkey is a very popular mass market package holiday destination nowadays especially for people from Russia, Germany and the U.K., and most people I know here have visited Turkey at some time or other during the past few years, and enjoyed it from all accounts. The same is also true to some extent of the country I just mentioned earlier – Cuba. During the Cold War Cuba was a country off limits to most visitors but in more recent years became a popular package holiday destination for visitors from several countries (apart from the U.S.A. of course) including the U.K. and I also know several people who have holidayed in Cuba.

Yes, Turkey is definitely worth a visit!

This country is a perfect mix of history, culture, nature, attractions and luxury resorts! It has a lot of world's famous landmarks that everyone should see at least once in his life! You'll find here:

  • magnificent mosques - Sultan Ahmet Mosque (The Blue Mosque) and The Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, The Selimiye Mosque, Edirne and many others.

A place where Asia meets Europe, this portrayal is sufficient to interest any voyager to visit the place where there is Turkey. A great deal about its way of life and legacy can be comprehended by local people themselves. You should simply offer a lovely grin and a decent talk over some espresso. You'll soon get dependent on the favored way of life of espresso, floor coverings and glorious remains. Investigate this wonderland which is an interesting mix of orientalism and western love. A great deal can be said and found in this nation, yet the staggering scenes will scarcely give you any words to depict it.

Abounding with verifiable occasions that expansion its importance the social estimation of Turkey Holiday Packages From India has just expanded with time. This is predominantly clear from the bright bazaars of Turkey. The Grand Bazaar lies in the core of Istanbul. Here's a place which will motivate the craftsman in you. Make a point to stroll down the back roads, you may very well locate an old travel companion! The Ottoman Era Market put additionally called the Spice Bazaar is gladly enlivened with outlandish flavors that you'll barely discover anyplace else. At the Urfa's Bazaar, you'll find everything from Sheepskin to Denims! Investigate the universe of Handicrafts and oriental products while you are at Turkey!

Turkey is emerging as one of the top short-flight destinations this year. Outside the eurozone, its exchange rate is kind to British visitors. The country has a huge coastline with an unending succession of resorts mixed up with quiet little coves and fishing villages.I have visited Turkey last year. There i have visited Antalya.

Antalya offers plenty of things to do for everyone. If you want to dose up on sightseeing, you'll find a fascinating line-up of attractions to keep you busy. The labyrinthine old town is full of atmospheric historic sites, while the city is perfectly placed to act as your base for sightseeing around the outlying area, where dozens of grand ruins await. It's not all history, though. This city is also a great spot for your launch onto the white-sand beaches of Turkey's Turquoise Coast. Beach lovers and history buffs will both leave satisfied.

Ancient Cities of Turkey

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