Is Varanasi really changed under PM Modi?

I will give a true opinion what i saw from my own eyes in 2018 and 19 in Varanasi and what my parent told me about the Varanasi Condition before Modi.

So, Varanasi (Kashi) is the most ancient City in the world and one of the Holly places for Hindus Because of the Kashi Viswanath Mahadev ( Lord Shiva) and the Holy River Ganga ( According to the Hindu Mythology if you take bath in Ganga then you will be pure people take the water of ganga to there respective homes for the purification of the place where they live).

This was brief of Varanasi .

So lets Began with the Ganga . Modi ji Launched the program Namami Ganga for the purification of the Ganga water . Infact modi ji made one separate Ministery for Ganga and the incharge of that ministry was Mrs.Uma Bharti ji but after the 3 years when modi ji realized that the work is not upto the mark then he transfer that department to his one of the best Hord working minister Shri Nitin Gadkari ji From there the Work put up the speed but we know that the purification of wateris not that easy an

d can be done in 2 or 3 years it takes time as well it required the help of common people also .

So can't say that the Purification of water is Upto the mark because the priest there are also not happy with the Result .

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