Is WikiLeaks serious about UFOs?

The Norwegian news site Aftenposten have published UFO-related WikiLeaks cables they found in their search of the Cablegate archive. They only found 5:

  • 07TOKYO5603: The Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary was unhappy with an official Japanese Government statement that UFOs do not exist. He stated at a press conference that he personally believes UFOs exist.
  • 07MINSK1045: Includes a quote from a Belarus BKGB Chairman, stating "Unlike during the USSR, the department is not engaged in studying paranormal phenomena... when it comes to healers, UFOs and such, we just can't deal with them anymore."
  • 03MONTREAL1: The cable discusses the Raelian sect and their claim to have cloned a human.  The only references to UFOs are in relation to the Raelian sect's marketing.  The cable is more concerned with the sect recruiting members in the US, and whether their announcement would result in Canada introducing stricter restrictions on human cloning.
  • 08QUITO90: Mentions the government of Ecuador struggling with the balance between responding to citizen groups & focusing on substance, giving the example of meeting a group that believes in UFOs.
  • 06CASABLANCA571: Describes a prediction by an author and "UFO kidnapping victim" that Casablanca would be destroyed by a Tsunami. The cable is more concerned with how quickly the rumor spread and why it was taken so seriously by citizens.

There is a serious flaw in the logic of the argument that starts with accepting some small percent of witness sitings are unexplainable but ends with them being alien craft from another world. There are legitimate unexplained sightings that non-hysterical professionals accept as unexplained but that does not mean UFOs are spaceships. They could be more or less interesting than spaceships, but the subject is too controversial, and subject to derision for most people to look at in earnest.
There is public info from a reputable source related to the topic.
This is not exactly news. It's more like swen, the opposite of news.

Wow, Wikileaks fail to provide any substantial evidence that UFOs exist. Shocking. Not. And by UFO I mean aliens.

Back in the day, evidence of UFOs was limited to dodgy photos and film. Often people said they saw something but didn't have a camera.

And now millions of people have a camera in their pocket, we have no increase in the quantity let alone quality of UFO photos.

UFO sightings follow trends that can be traced to the media.


Yes he has.

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