Is Zimbabwe a cursed country?

Are you referring to a certain aspect of Zimbabwe's history? I am not clear on how to answer this question, other than to say that the history of any civilization has proven that human behavior can either be highly benevolent or degenerate - man is free to choose, and both have consequences. Other than unforeseen forces, these decisions will impact a civilization and move it forward in one way or another.

Yes, it's cursed because of bad economic policies. If the country opens up to foreign investment like South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, the curse will be lifted.

Nationalism is killing Zimbabwe just like Nazi Nationalism killed Hilter's Germany.

Was Southern Europe ever white?

Not in historic times, but i don't exclude that during the last ice age during winter there have been some days when it was all covered in snow and therefore all white. Almost for sure at a certain point it was, unfortunately the meteo database of that time has been lost due to the

Have you ever seen a dead kid?

WARNING: THIS DESCRIPTION IS GRAPHIC. DO NOT READ IT IF YOU ARE EASILY DISTURBED.Yes, three of them. When I was working as a truck inspector, we had to roll out on a multi-vehicle wreck involving two trucks and a passenger car

What are guided media and unguided media?

These are the most two important type of transmission media.Guided Media.It is a physical transmission media which can be seen and touched. It has tree types.Twisted pair cable.Co-exial cable.Fiber optic cable.Unguided Media.It is a media used for data transmission which can't be seen and touched. It has six