Is a technologically more advanced society necessarily a superior one?

Yes, no, maybe, it depends

Look just take the hundreds of millions of people who actually are in someway funding their own lives and making their own in someway choices about who what where when and why

If you read history before 1900 let alone before 1000

There was a very small group of people who had anything like the first world has and I include first world China and first world India

So yeah that would be a completely superior society but not at all really and certainly not any more than 2/5 of the globe

But morally? Nah no it's the same world of hate and death but a lot more people have a lot more cover a lot more distance even if that is, somewhat tenuous these days

Technology has nothing to do with morality

Yet up to this .2017 it is also freed tens of millions from servitude and poverty

You have a definition issue - superior, by what metric?

In terms of access to better healthcare, generally being more safe to live, and in various other ways - yes.

In other ways, potentially not.

It's almost always a mistake to try and boil things down into simplistic black and white terms.

What I will say is that with the more advanced society, you have options. You could opt to eschew any modern conviniences you wish, keeping any you feel to be positive (like healthcare). This isn't so with the less advanced society.

No, it is not necessarily so.

The european imperialist powers of 150 yrs ago had no problem committing atrocities, despite their "superior " position.

America has overthrown or tampered with many of the nations of South and Central America, never to the benefit of the average citizen of that nation.

Despite the technological advantages, none acted in a manner that raised the bar for everyone.

Superior in that technology, sure. But, like so many conquerors in the past, such a civiilzation may not have invented that technology, nor gone through the moral dilemmas that technology inspired in the original civilization, and so, though they may have power, they may be like infants with guns: deadly dangerous and completely inferior to anyone else.

Character is a multiplier on technology.

Bad character using advanced technology will create bad results.

Not to mention more tech seems to decrease privacy.

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Running plate, or better the VIN number through DCI/NCIC. If you get a