Is ambition a virtue or a defect?

To my modest understanding, ambition is a defect. The healthy thing is to mark a path to follow and to go through it enjoying the path and get along with what it offers us. Perhaps, if we have walked a lot, that path will lead us to a certain place to which others have longed to arrive all their lives. The difference will be that we will have enjoyed the journey while those who only had in mind the arrival to that place (the ambitious ones) will have walked all the time in tension and restlessness, and that anxiety will not have allowed them to enjoy the path.

Is there any way to grow taller during puberty?

Many teens do not understand the meaning of puberty and think when you take long without seeing any significant increase in vertical height then you have passed puberty stage so;Unfortunately, A recent study at Drexel University of students aged 12 to

What is all the gym equipment at Lifetime Fitness?

BFT fitness equipemt Co., Ltd is the most popular Manufacturers in China.China Fitness Equipment Factory|Gym Equipment Intelligent Treadmill Supplier_Spin Bike ManufacturersGuangzhou BFT Fitness Co.,Ltd was established at the year of 2007,Locating in Shenshan industrial park.BFTFITNESS is the larges brand in south

How to become organized and motivated

The web and literature are full of quick fixes and motivational how-tos but unfortunately most will not work for you in your specific life situation and clutter your head. The key is to understand where your laziness is coming from, why do you have it. Treat it as a symptom of something